Violent clashes erupted between a group of young Palestinian men and Israeli forces in the city of Ramallah in the central West Bank. At least 12 people were reportedly injured as a result of the events. Israeli forces are said to have fired live round and tear gas canisters at protesters who responded by hurling stones.



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19 thoughts on “12 injured as Palestinians clash with IDF in Ramallah West Bank”

  1. i hope president Putin and Russia on the whole could help root out the main cause of contentiom and where terrorism started in the first by giving these Zionist fookers a punch or a judo kick or 2 so this idiots will leave the land that belong to the rightful owner which is Palestinw

  2. Israeli security forces are the only ones who do their job against muslim terrorists. I wish our policeman and army man in Europe can act like the Israeli ones. Support for Israel form Macedonia!

  3. Thanks RT. You're the only ones that dare to report ethnic murders committed against Palestinians. Israel has murdered these indigenous people for over 60 years .

  4. This is just the beginning folks. Imagine the situation when PETRODOLLAR collapse that destroyed Israel's welfare account.

  5. Good job Israel, Teach these stone peters a good lesson they never forget !!! Go watch MEMRI TV to see Palestinians praising Suicide Bombers as Martyrs !!!

    Palestinians fund and organize Hitler Youth Week, An Organization brainwashing children into teaching them Mein Kampf and Hitlers idea of extermination of Jewish people as the right thing.. Whoever supports these Palestinian pieces of shit are Genocidal Maniacs, Like Hitler !!!

  6. Boy… would think with all the palestinians going to and from work in Israel, ISIS could easily have agents all over the place in there. Instead, it's just palestinians stabbing people. Why have there been no ISIS attacks in Israel?

  7. In august 1945 the Enola Gay unleashed its atomic payload on Nagasaki to stop the violence if Japan and end the war. It should have kept one for Israel.

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  9. The IDF should spray a glue over these stones .So they can't pick them up. lol Or put up a big net. lol or dump grease so they slip on the ass.

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