Saying one thing and doing another? Join John as he shares insight on the current US Administration and their double-speak involving Israel and the upcoming March 3rd, 2015 speech of Benjamin Netanyahu to the United States Congress. John gives us a clear “reality check” on what the administration says, and what it does, toward one of our only solid allies in the Middle East.

Thousands of years ago, another Israeli found himself in a similar situation. According to the Book of Esther, Haman, royal vizier to King Ahasuerus planned to kill all the Jews in the empire, but his plans were foiled by Mordecai and his cousin and adopted daughter Esther, who had risen to become Queen of Persia. The day of deliverance became a day of feasting and rejoicing. It is now celebrated as Purim, which this year is celebrated beginning on the evening of March 4th through the morning of March 5th.

Tomorrow, the Prime Minister of Israel will address a threat of similar intensity from Iran, whose leaders have repeatedly called for the destruction of the Jewish state.

Whom will we, as a nation, serve in this conflict? Will we remain a strong ally of Israel and stand at her side in the face of increasing adversity, or will this administration thumb its nose at Israel and God and incur the curse promised by God in Genesis 12:3?

Buckle your seat belts…this coming week will be one that could impact our world for eternity.

20 thoughts on “2015 03 01 John Haller Prophecy Update “Reality Check””

  1. The only way to go to heaven is through mouth of confessing that Jesus Christ is both my Lord and Saviour.
          – you cannot earn heaven, its FREE purchased by the priceless blood of the Lamb of God..
          – you earn your rewards on Earth before going to Paradise.
          – you also earn your position in God's new kingdom.
          – you earn it by taking care of your Family, Prayer, Loving one another As Christ Loved the church (body of believers), sharing the faith with the guidance of God's Holy Spirit.

    Dear Lord Jesus, I Confess you as my Lord and Saviour, Teach me your ways, comfort my soul, protect me from my enemies, and make provision for me as you see fit, Empower Me and my love ones with your Holy Spirit that we will remain faithful to the faith, till we be with you in your new Kingdom, In Jesus Christ name Indeed and/or Amen.

  2. Who is this Rob Bell? to them get your way to hell but your own fault but we want to follow Jesus and the Word of God. Sorry for those who keep listening to this wrong teaching. Same sex marriage is wrong today the same was wrong in the past and will be wrong in the future

  3. John Kerry can't even look straight he's so busy lying. He is such a turd. The only reason there's asymmetric attacks is because they stopped the bigger turds from decimating Africa and Soros' paid-off narco-terrorists from murdering half of Latin America. They need to grab all these dick-heads, and they know exactly who they are, and start confiscating every bit of material assets they have then throw them all into rickety Chinooks and send them over ISIS territory just like Biden and Osama did Seal Team 6. 

  4. The church? Irrelevant? When does God become subject to the will of man? Churches moving "forward'?? Look where that has gotten us! This world is regressing, not PROgressing! God does not deny us ANY good thing, and he has made it very clear: marriage is a union he has ordained between a man and a woman, sacred and unalterable. "What God has made let no man tear asunder." This has nothing to do with people, and everything to do with destroying God. Man is anything but wise and good–look at what these monsters have done to the world so far. And these schmucks support these measures??  They are all insane, and are dedicated to the destruction of the United States, and the world. They've proved it in innumerable ways, and with the murder of hundreds of thousands of innocent people, the death of innocent Americans whose only crime was speaking the truth, and the un-neccesary murder of millions of our servicemen and women in totally fabricated wars. Anyone with an ounce of sense in their otherwise empty heads should automatically reject anything these ninnies propose. 

  5. Woodrow Wilson was the first traitor that sold off our nation. FDR wasn't far behind–he knew Pearl Harbor was going to be attacked and suppressed the information, ruthlessly. Churchill planned the sinking of the Lusitania. Look at the horrors of the NATO/Gladio atrocities committed by NATO/UN psy-ops. All the wars in modern history have been deliberately provoked by the central banks for their personal profits. This is has been going on as long as these rapacious monsters have been bludeoning the world into THEIR image, and it has horns and a pitchfork. 

  6. This is not news. This false government has been doing this for years. "Gollee-gee, Oswald shot Kennedy…."

  7. So thankful I came upon this video; will look forward to other such videos.  Provided encouragement; also wish to express Primer Minister B. Netanyahu's powerful address to Congress.  He is certainly the world's Man of the Hour.  Thank you Abba Father for such a leader — Moses, Daniel, Joseph, King David all wrapped up in one.

  8. People are misled in the church as to the judging of others. As believers of the faith we ARE called to judge our fellow brothers and sisters in the faith……… We are NOT to judge the UNBELIEVER, for God will judge them and that is in the Bible.

  9. what happens when salt water evaporates?..  Salinity increases exponentially.  Ever been to salt lake?  Notice the salinity continues to increase?  Whos idea was this?
      I bet GODS plan works better.

  10. With Net Neutrality, it won't be long now before updates like this won't be allowed any more. Amos 8:11-12 is going to be fulfilled very soon. Enjoy these great watchmen while you can! Maranatha Lord Jesus! 🙂

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