INFO please READ: the new video of islamic state.
35 minutes brutal footage of islamic state the Chalipate state.
this video shows how they capture iraqi soldiers, kill and execute.
how they storm the army base in samra. You find emotional footage and more. this video is a must see – to know more about the islamic state.
everything is blurred because youtube dont allow footage like this.
please leave this video if you are under 18. we do the best to edit this footage to archive this video on youtube. we edit many small videos from this 35 minutes.

Daily News about the WARs in the Arab States.
Read: AllEyesOnSyria is not a shocker Channel and
we do not want you entertain. We document the war in the Arab countries (Syria, Iraq, Palestine and Egypt). these videos are not intended to shock, we only want to inform. Please note we archive these videos on Youtube for all Time. it will be one day historically. we obey the rules of youtube and are forced videos to retouch and edit – so these Videos are edit, blurred and cutted only if the video is brutal. Our viewers are over 18 and we blurred these videos for all the people under 18.

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50 thoughts on “36 Minutes unbelievable footage of the Islamic State + horrible end”

  1. so, after heaving watched several hours of footage of the islamic state, im
    definatly for carpet bombing its area with nukes. this is the SS 2.0, only
    the SS didnt proudly show its footage in cinemas at the time…they should
    show in the news these long coloums of IS fighters driving in US hardware,
    howis that for unintented consequences. this is yugoslavia all over again.
    then as now europe does nothing, and for all my critic of the US, they have
    the balls to say enough is enough. im pretty sure we could spare a few
    eurofighters that arent immidiatly needed for the defense of germany or

  2. “AND FIGHT in God’s cause against those who wage war against you, but do
    not commit aggression-for, verily, God does not love aggressors.” [Surah
    Al-Baqarah 2:190]

  3. You know I am starting to think all these conspiracy guys are onto
    something this time. ISIS is able to capture US Helicopters, Air
    Transports, Vehicles, and weapons that they gave to the Iraqi Army. Knowing
    this the US Sends Apache, F16s, and other weapon systems to Iraq knowing
    ISIS will just take it. Maybe the US is trying to fix its mistake of
    occupying Iraq by making an organization that will unite the Middle East so
    they can control everything. I as an American can say that my country
    though I love it is not the good guys of the world. If we did create ISIS
    for that reason, I believe it. I love America and the Muslim people. What
    will happen will happen a comment on YouTube won’t change that. I can only

  4. Isis was clearly created by the u.s its no wonder why isreal isn’t afraid
    of them since they control them, they are only there to cause fitnah, gain
    power so they can destroy muslims from within the community then after
    u.s/jews can step in and try to control the land..May Allah destroy isis,
    those who support them and those who created them, ameen. All this killing
    is just a distraction for the people to deter them away from really knowing
    the truth behind these events.

  5. Allah has said: Allah will torture those who torture people muslim in this
    world (muslim).

    On the last day Allah will kill all the disbelievers and torture them
    forever in hell-fire.

  6. Omg I lost all faith in humanity , what is going on here ? Why are this
    people killing humans. Like animals ? Omg I’m a 24 yr old male here I’m the
    USA , but u cried watching this, it really saddened me . Where is God ? And
    why would a creator allow this barbarity to keep happening ?

  7. look at the comment section filled with these bitch ass sensitive
    Americans. they can kill 4 million in iraq who 750,000 were children
    kill 5 million in Afghanistan and daily drone strike women and children in
    Pakistan. kill over a 100,000 thousand in libya and no one seems to give a
    but when a group of sunni jihadist kill soldiers that’s diffirent
    america’s vagina has been bleeding ever since 9/11
    some one get america a fucking tampon

  8. Sick primitive puppies, that’s how they lived 2.000 years ago and up to the
    next 2.000 years, this is their destiny and no one can let them see
    atrocious and pitiful it is.

  9. Fucking animals, they are totally destroying their societies, is going to
    take a hundred years to recover from so much hate and destruction

  10. All i can say is,,they are all bullshit! And i mean it. Hope they all go to
    hell right away,,poor innocent people

  11. So ironic to see all the hate comments against Islam, especially seeing the
    majority of you are Christians. I guess its okay for you to forget your
    past, and your MOTHER the roman Catholic church which has shed more
    innocent blood then anyone else! 

  12. Fuck Mohammad and his fucking followers. I seriously think it’s time to
    nuke that region and get rid of all fucking Muslims!

  13. .sick people, this is crazy to think is happening to humans like us.. these
    terrorist love death and blood. hope they are whipped of the face of the

  14. ISIS are good people, these soldiers they kill deserve to die because they
    were oppressing innocent people.

  15. 6.06 wow thats what i call real soldiers
    ready to die for there religion the true religion
    may u get to ISRAEL AND I JOIN U 

    ANOTHER HUMAN BEING YOU FUCKING CULPRITS…..go learn the real islam, may
    the almighty have mercy on the innocent souls you kill

  17. I hope all those IS Bastards will spend an eternity of suffering in hell!
    How can anyone be/become that inhumane…. :/

  18. these is the same shia rafidha Irakien soldier who killed and tortured
    peaceful Muslim protester against the sectarian dog Al Maliki and today
    they cry like baby!!!???shia rafidha people are true traitors of the muslim

  19. ISIS become like a God to punish without trial syariah ? ISIS has been
    killing other Mujahideen? but you know kill Muslims go to hell ….

  20. One day, a Muslim guy asked me “hey bro, tell me something that Mexicans do
    not like to be called,” I was really confused, I had never heard a question
    like that, but I just answered “I am Mexican, and I could never tell you
    what they do no like to be called, but since now on, I will really be
    pissed if somebody calls me Muslim”

  21. you guys r still talking religion after watching this; leave your religion
    aside and try and be a good human and god (no name) will help u see some
    really dark forces at play here that need to be dealth with 

  22. The cameraman crying like a bitch at 12.10 balls still not dropped, the
    fucking brainwashed piece fo shit.

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