Politically incorrect correct message to the criminal migrants who are swarming into Europe as you are reading this.
Video uploaded for Pat due to YT censorship of him. You are welcome to spread it all over YT and other media, but only if you keep the title and do not edit any part of the video.

17 thoughts on “A Word To The Criminal Migrant (by Pat Condell)”

  1. Spot on Pat !!!! Fucking disgusting desert dwellers…..they belong in the 5th century….I hate that fucking moron president of ours ( Drumph ) but at least he calls it like it is !!!!

  2. We here in the Western World, a multicultural, secular and very tolerant society, must NEVER compromise with the intolerant and begin to tolerate the intolerance. We must guarantee and protect the freedom of religion, any religion, but equally we must protect the secular society FROM religion's oppression and dominance.
    The money spent on military interventions and so called "aid" to oppressive unpopular regimes where the backward religions hold millions hostage (e.g. Egypt, Pakistan, some African dictatorships, etc). We should redirect funds to support efforts to fight poverty, empower and liberate women, offer quality education and create opportunities for the young generation.
    We must learn to practice "tough love", and the positive changes will no doubt follow.
    Our own Western culture has survived the dark ages of religious intolerance, Inquisition, the religious civil wars bloodiest and cruelest in Europe's history (e.g. Protestant vs. Catholic The Thirty Year War, ), but we have learned. We have evolved to reach the highest level of human civilization ever. Now, counting our blessings, we must engage in helping EDUCATE the less fortunate cultures to follow on the path of progress and enlightenment. We must share our wealth wisely and invest our resources to achieve this lofty goal, if for no better reason, then for our own protection and in defense of the Civilization we have achieved.

  3. Kudos, Vox clamantis in deserto! Happy Hanukkah, Joyful Winter Solstice, Merry Christmas and a very successful New Year!
    Sapienti sat!

  4. Cheers, mate! YT banning this makes me really mad. I want the right to 'listen' to others and make up my own mind. And Pat speaks the truth from the heart. What right have other people to trump my rights to hear? Arghhh!

  5. This Racist man is making me sick just listening to him. White people have to pay for what they have done to all the other races.

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