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Date: Thursday September 21, 2017
Today on Infowars Live TV – The Alex Jones Show
Thursday, September 21st: MSNBC Says Using Word Sovereign Is Evil – Brian Williams of MSNBC is worried that President Trump’s use of the word ‘sovereign’ during his UN speech was some sort of signal to the international community. James Clapper admitted on CNN that Trump could have been surveilled under the wiretapping of Paul Manafort. Also, Hurricane Maria leaves Puerto Rico without power for an undetermined period of time. Larry Nichols joins the program to discuss Trump’s battle against the globalists and Mark Dice breaks down the latest attacks from the failing MSM. We’ll also take your calls during this global broadcast.

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Ron Gibson (9-21-17)
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21 thoughts on “Alex Jones (1st HOUR Commercial Free) Thursday 9/21/17: All Out Rant: Failing MSM”

  1. Ugh Alex knows the earth is flat and that the Vatican runs the show but will never talk about either .. don't learn any new info here ever

  2. Trump is two faced. Back stabber, worse than like Hillary. You can tell when Hillary is lying. Trump is very believable liar! One face for private, globalist behind closed doors, one face for "speeches"! No more wars, lie! He is a globalist! He used the people to get in office! The people know it now! They call him Flip Flop! The Petro dollar, oil : is the hand that feeds him. He is not cutting it off, he is not draining the swamp. He is helping it watch it's weight, slim down a little, to look good instead of sloppy! Bannon next to Trump never made sense! He will not cut off the Goldsach's hands that has fed him for 40 years. He is going to reward them and pay them back for all they have done for him! That is something about Trump you can take to the bank! In "quiet of the day" before, Monday, he signed the "Agenda 21" agreement with UN! Signed America's sovereignty over to the UN! 193 countries signed the agreement for "the reformation of Agenda 21": gun confiscation, UN policing the world, calling anyone who "resist" who is nationalist or traditional: call them racist! A UN multiple page itinerary for the week before, Sept. 12th= all Agenda 21 even used the words Agenda 21. Twisted latter to try and hide the Truth: saying 21st century, lie. Trump sat right next to Nikki Halley, who gave the same speech Clinton and Obama gave to the UN! He applauded the speech and applauded the speech of the UN Secretary that was full fledged "globalization", no doubt! Two faces! Who was he lying to? His actions say he was lying to the American people & the people of the world to keep them quiet! Or when they are ready for a civil war he'll have the conservatives greatly motivated to fight for their country!@#$%^?

  3. The CA attorney general has sued Trump over building a security wall between Mexico & the USA. We have federal laws against illegal aliens entering America. US Attorney Jeff Sessions: need to issue A Federal Arrest Warrant for the CA. attorney general and all involved, FOR INTERFERRING IN THE ONGOING SECURITY OF AMERICA. Do the same for anyone(s) providing sanctuary heavens for illegal aliens. (Where's Jeff Sessions?)

  4. The Israel lobby are the major pushers for immigration to the U.S. That diversity is the best thing ever. Yet Israel will only let other jews in. So why is diversity so great for America and all other European countries but not Israel. Americans who want border control are racist but jews are not. How does that make any sense?

  5. He's talking about the Future for real idk how he knows but he's right in about a thousand years Earth will seem insignificant

  6. Wow!! Troll alert. Same ones everyday with the tin foil hat bashing everyone but the real bad guy's. Sad .

  7. Russia succeeded in corrupting our election, only way the most unqualified candidate ever – Trump – could win an election. Putin has Trump by the balls.

  8. Alex with his false equivalencies again. Geesh, does anyone believe this doofus any more? He's a Trump apologists but I bet he cries like a baby when they bring him in for questioning.

  9. once more the mainstream media loses a chance to hammer Trump on a legitimate point. "sovereignty" isn't a dog whistle, but it is a clear point of hypocrisy in the speech – for Trump, "sovereignty" means going along with the US's wishes. any country that wants to go its own way – like Iran or North Korea or Syria – isn't allowed to have "sovereignty." does Trump even understand what the word means?

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