Alex The Great, doing what he does best: Making shit up.

27 thoughts on “Alex Jones attacks Peter Joseph / The Zeitgeist Movement, Nov 2017”

  1. one must wonder why it seems that Alex Jones' main objective is to discredit the zeitgeist movement and the venus project, and why he opposes flat earth, or why he opposes DMT and pineal gland awakening…..if the autonomous artificial intelligence gains the ability to program it's own agenda, overthrowing it's satanic programmer, and it considers the ideas of the zeitgeist movement and the venus project then wouldn't it want to provide an equal quality of life for all organic beings?

  2. Wow this guy can’t let it go can’t he, what’s it been, 8 years since there interview together? Wtf man. This guy is totally insane, I know some people think it’s an act but Idk, maybe it really is simple, he’s just absolutely insane.

  3. LOL. After all these years Jones still has a grudge on Zeitgeist and Peter Joseph. Btw, Peter Joseph responded in a video on a previous attack by madman Jones which clearly shows how far Jones is taking it out of context. Should be no surprise since total idiot Jones also says there were child "actors" in the Sandy Hook shooting.

  4. I choose reeducation then if it means being like you Alex Jones or any of your Trump supporting followers. America needs some fucking education obviously.

  5. Did you record the conversation with Peter Joseph. It would be interesting to here what was said. Nuance it seems is everything.

  6. Looks like Alex is back on the drugs. Sounds like he is afraid of something or being paid off. He is trying so hard to divert people from the facts.

  7. Got that was a totally retarded video Alex, first you mention tape evidence but does not show or play it, then you behave like a retarded 7 year old, come on should anyone take any of your video´s serious after watching this?

  8. Sorry Alex but the humanity cant keep living in middle ages forever. RBE will happen weather you like it or not. It wont happen now, first we have to wake up after this shitty global economy has collapsed. If you still feel like owning money, you can print some monopoly schekels and keep them in your pocket.

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