“The Aussies are Coming, the Aussies are Coming.” Yesterday, I hosted a Live special about a huge Aussie delegation in Israel celebrating the 100th anniversary of the historic “Battle of Beersheba” where cavalry “The Australian and New Zealand Light Horse Brigade” won a David and Goliath-like victory.
This was a many century turning point, as they defeated the much larger
Ottoman Empire, in power for 400+ years.
This victory led to the Opening of the Road to Jerusalem and a week later, the signing of the “Balfour Declaration” establishing the “National Home for the Jewish People in Palestine.”
Joined by a great panel our own Jeff Abramowitz and Owen Alterman
And Melbourne native Joseph Waks in Israel to promote his video account leading up to next springs 70th Anniversary of Israel. He traveled to 70 locations. The on-line and social media project #i70strong will feature one story per day in the 70 days leading up to #yomatzmaut, Israeli Independence Day.
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2 thoughts on “Aussies in Israel Reenact Battle Beersheba – 100 year anniversary”

  1. What was the Israel flag, which came into being in 1948, being shown as being in the Battle in 1917?

    Is there anything zionism won't LIE about.

    Totally Disrespecting the New Zealand and Australian troops who were actually there. . .

  2. What, The Zionist flag was not flown at Beersheba nor was it Israel. You just cant help yourself inventors of history.

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