Benny Hinn 2016, Secrets of the Anointing HD
Today Pastor Benny Hinn concludes his important message from last week’s Monday Night Service by examining secrets he’s learned in over forty years of ministry which will help protect the anointing on your life. The anointing is manifested in seven areas, and there are keys you must understand in order to ensure a constant flow of the rivers of living water that Jesus referred to in John 7:37-39. You’ll also experience a powerful release of God’s anointing during this service, both on the audience and in your home, so watch and be refreshed!

Benny Hinn (born December 3, 1952) is a televangelist, best known for his regular Miracle Crusade — revival meeting or faith healing summits that are usually held in stadiums in major cities, which are later broadcast worldwide on his television program, This Is Your Day.
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19 thoughts on “Benny Hinn 2016, Secrets of the Anointing HD”

  1. You should be ashamed, you FRAUD. YOU ARE A BAD PERSON!!! You know this guy has been proven beyond doubt to be a complete fraud, right? He hires people to fall down for him and claim he's healed them, and "the quadriplegics, the brain-damaged, virtually anyone with a visibly obvious physical condition—are never allowed up on stage; those who attempt to get in the line of possible healings are intercepted and directed to return to their seats." It's been ALL over the news, people, come on!!! The only "awesome" thing about this is how much money he has been able to scam out of gullible people such as yourself. Please do not believe this phony! He is a criminal, and he has more money than he could ever spend in one lifetime. Servants of God – says it in the Bible – are supposed to be humble, live humbly, not live in sprawling mansions and have private jets.

  2. this guy is an idiot. false prophet and teacher. fake and money hungry. Jesus says I am the way the truth and the life. follow Jesus he's the one and true God. this guy is so false. he has no annointing.

  3. sorry guys.. ,,Does money take you in heaven.? Does our God needs Money…? 😂😂😂😂Just need to give all our heart and have a personal relationship with the Lord that's what you need to do,and all things will add it on to you..

  4. and Satan's and the fallen ones will be bound for 1000 years and mankind will be free to come to know the true God. afterwards Satan will be let loose only once and all those who fail will be thrown forever in sheol for good…. this is the 2nd resurection and the names of these will be written in the book of life that is in the heaven's, currently this book has only 144000 names of those anointed by God who are that are leading in the work that Jesus started here in setting up God's kingdom on earth that is now established and ruled from the heaven's with Jesus as the king to time indefinite.

  5. All man are sinners and fall short… every man is responsible for delivering his own life. no man can deliver any other from the hand of God….. only God can save you. if anyone is an unrepentant sinner he is doomed for death/sheol in that day that is set aside for destruction of mankind at ARMAGEDDON. we have arrived at the "cut-off" point of mankind. a new beginning is awaiting mankind with the resurection that Jesus mentioned about to come in after the clean up of all those who perished, these did not listened to God warning through His prophets at ARMAGEDDON. we are the generation that will witness this truth about GOD. Come drink life's water free. Jesus deciples are still knocking on every door in every nation giving all the last opportunity to get to know Him and be saved. .. God does not desire anyone to die but all to be saved. a paradise is awaiting mankind in this new world. the one that Jesus mentioned to the prisoner that hung with him…. YOU WILL BE WITH ME IN PARADISE.

  6. anointing is for the purpose to give the the anointed one the power to declare what God wishes for the earth to come to know and the spirit of God's wisdom in the person of those anointed. God gives it to the one who is searching for him. no one else can call for another person's annointing. it is a personal relationship between the two.

  7. Instant red flag. There are no "secrets". Everything is available to everyone. There are no puzzles to solve with God. Benny Hinn is a lying snake. A wolf in sheep's clothing

  8. Real glad the guy who did not graduate from high-school is now telling about the secrets. Benny is great for arbitrary subjects, as well as things which cannot be proved or verified. Benny should use his "faith healing" abilities in Japan where children are getting thyroid cancers and bleeding noses because of internal radiation poisoning.

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