Benny Hinn 2017, Monday Night Service, July 24th, 2017
Benny Hinn (born December 3, 1952) is a televangelist, best known for his regular Miracle Crusade — revival meeting or faith healing summits that are usually held in stadiums in major cities, which are later broadcast worldwide on his television program, This Is Your Day.
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24 thoughts on “Benny Hinn 2017, Monday Night Service, July 24th, 2017”

  1. If god has a plan for everyone then why pray? It's pointless. If god has unconditional love why then does he send you to hell to burn for an eternity if you don't believe in him? Noahs ark ok yourvtelling me 2 of every animal walked to the middle east to get on a boat? That didn't happen.

  2. Yes Pastor Benny, I am the one who needs this message in this moment, I TOLD THE LORD, "I JUST DONT KNOW HOW AM I GOING TO GO ON! II DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO!

  3. Thank you for your prayers for Johnny n Lydia, Lydia gave birth to a healthy baby Jude on the fourth of August 2017 , at 5:15 pm, both mother n baby are safe and sound! Praise the Lord for united prayers!

  4. Amen, thank you Jesus! My boss give me n the teachers of DCST our July salary one day earlier, on the 4th of August instead of 5th of August, glory to Jesus! I proclaimed n declare that august salary will be on time in September, in Jesus name amen!

  5. God has risen you to make revival. Please pray for my family. My wife is ill. Pray for my son that he can admit in a renowned University. Pray for us in the name of Jesus.

  6. The most high YHWH will give you yours in time, Benny. What you are doing is wrong and you know it.

    ALL OF YOU SHOULD WATCH JUSTIN PETERS INTERVIEWING BENNY HINNS NEPEHEW HERE ON YOU TUBE. Benny is a fake and will pay for what he had done if he doesn't repent.

  7. Ptr.Benny pls pray for salvation of my family.thankyou for sharing this on youtube bcouse I'm here in UAE I can't attend on sunday service that's why I'm thankfull I found you God is really good.I'm watching if ihave a time and can't stop my tears fall becouse he really love's me.and pls ptr pray for my protection.Godbless you

  8. Pastor Benny Hinn,I watch you since my childhood years!my husband suprise me with VIP tickets to your UK conference in August 30 /2017!
    Can't wait!God Bless You!!! Greetings from Germany!!We Love you!Thx Jesus!

  9. is this the real benny hinn page. this youtube account is full of adds so you can make money on the back of the ministry? The official benny hinn account doesn't have all these add's

  10. Amen, God will make a way that the boss will give out the July salary by 5th of August to the staff n cleaners of DCST n MLG, in Jesus name amen!

  11. Amen, God will make a way for Henrietta jammed gut rectal cancer, in Jesus name amen, n God will make a way for Mr Eugene to wake up from a one year coma, in Jesus name amen!

  12. P.s. pls also request prayers for Johnny n Lydia's delivery around 31st of July 2917 or 1st August 2017, may God bless Lydia with a safe labor n easy n smooth delivery, in Jesus name amen!

  13. Thank you Pastor Benny Hinn greetings to you in Jesus name! Please request prayers for my C M that the baby going for a check up that all is well, baby is strong n healthy n fine in Jesus name amen!

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