5 thoughts on “Benny Hinn & Marilyn Hickey LIVE, March 8th, 2017”

  1. Healing for my sister Dianne from parkinsons, stroke alzhimers and Helen from diabetes, for Barbara from thyroid problem in Jesus name

  2. it was awesome the live video with Marilyn hickey it was such and eye opener about the stars in heaven I watch you on U Tube. thank God for his miracles

  3. i m from india…pls pray for me..bcz of i m suffering from toothache.there is cavity in my tooth..i m suffering..severe pus like pain…pain is radiating to my ear.cheek n neck.there is a gland swelling in my neck.i can not eat n drink properly.i can not prayering with open mouth…so my prayer life is effecting..i don't want to go to doctor…so pls pray for me……..

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