Benny Hinn| Benny Hinn Sermons 2015
Directed by Benny Hinn
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12 thoughts on “Benny Hinn|Heaven and Hell Jan 22,2015”

  1. Wow! what a sermon…."We did not choose it coming to this world,but we choose where we shall end up……Heaven or Hell"

  2. pastor benny hinn i want to be what you have .. your intimate relationship of the holysprit …. i want that.. i read in GODS general that u are the next kathryn kuhlman .. i read your GOOD MORNIG HOLYSPIRIT. sometimes i did and imitate what you've done before you meet the holy-spirit. but i know we have different way on how we holy-spirit speak to us

  3. Benny hinn is a false teacher using the name of God for his own purposes but in reality he is working for Satan curse he will be in the lake of fire 

  4. Thanks God, this is a great teaching. Thanks TheFather and The Son Jesus and The Holy Spirit for this wonderful teaching.

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