🎓First Academic Conference on Blockchain Technology🎓🇮🇱

On January 25, 2017, IDCBeyond, and the IDC’s Media Innovation Lab, hosted the first academic conference in Israel dedicated exclusively to Blockchain Technology at the Adelson School of Entrepreneurship. Discussions with a range of entrepreneurs, investors and visionaries — including Eden Shochat (Aleph) and Matan Field — as well as talks with key players in the industry from Microsoft, Deloitte, and IBM.


Eyal Herzog is the co-founder and Product Architect of Local Coin and the co-founder and a former CCO of the popular video sharing website Metacafe. Eyal has been focusing on building and launching end-user ecosystems online since 1998 in the domains of social networks, content sharing and commerce, and is a recognized thought leader in the Israeli Cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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“This is an exciting new technology that holds incredible potential to disrupt a wide range of fields,” explain IDCBeyond event organizers Emmanuel Benhamou and Anna Kulik. “There’s been a lot of hype around Blockchain in recent years, but we wanted to hear directly from the industry’s key players and entrepreneurs, many of which are right here in Israel.”

“This [technology] is going to bring about the second internet revolution,” claims blockchain researcher and entrepreneur Matan Field. ”This will not only impact every facet of our life, every industry, but it will also lead to new social organizational structures in our society.”

Mark Smargon, of the blockchain startup Colu, explains, “Fintech is all about improving the online banking experience for consumers, and blockchain is the effort to improve the infrastructure underneath it and create new business models.”

The one day conference is being organized by participants of the IDC’s new flagship entrepreneurship program, IDCBeyond. “IDCBeyond focuses on creating ventures which deal with the challenges of the 21st century. Blockchain aims to address one of these key challenges, that which deals with the financial mechanisms the world turns on. We are honored to support the initiative started by a group of IDCBeyonders from our inaugural class of 2017 and to host the first academic event on blockchain in Israel,” says Nava Swersky Sofer, Managing Director of IDC Beyond program.

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