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UK police have been politicised by Common Purpose cultural Marxism, and are no longer neutral.

My previous video on Common Purpose: The Real Enemy Within

Police arresting nine people a day for online trolling

Arrests for social media posts surge in London

UK special police unit for online “hate crime”

London’s online “hate crime” hub

UK police won’t charge shoplifters and vandals, but arrests for “offensive comments” rise by 53%.

Arrests for ‘offensive’ Twitter and Facebook messages up by a third in London

Dislike and unfriendliness can be “hate crimes”, UK police confirm

Female detective says fellow officers made her life torture for trying to stop Muslim grooming gang

Rotherham sex abuse still going on

UK government’s legal expert says returning ISIS jihadis should not be prosecuted.

Only 5% of UK ‘honour’ crimes are referred for prosecution

Lincolnshiire police face backlash for video promoting Islam

Honour crimes police whistleblower charged with gross misconduct

Girl,13, told police she had been repeatedly raped, but officers did nothing.

Police made Rotherham rape victim feel like a racist

Crime is up, arrests are down, and UK police are busy with publicity stunts

Wiltshire police try to intimidate people on social media

Cheshire police warn Facebook users about posting offensive comments

Man sentenced for harmless comments deemed “grossly offensive”

Silenced: A third of Britons feel they are denied free speech

A third of Brits too scared to speak out on immigration and religion

Common Purpose: A secret society?

UK police forces spend £470000 sending people to be trained by Common Purpose

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24 thoughts on “Britain’s Hate Speech Police”

  1. Is it The United Kingdom and Sweden that is worst off by now? Speaking of limited freedom. Or is it France and Belgium?

  2. Where Britain goes in diversity and social laws, the United States usually follows within a few years. Take note, fellow Americans, the seeds are sprouting as we speak.

  3. "The Strange Death of Europe" should be required reading for everybody in the world. In the US, the "regressive left" are using so-called "identity politics," "multi-culturalism," and toxic lables like Islamiphobia to drive divisiveness so deep that our politics are broken to the point of utter dysfunction.

  4. If Pat was to run for Prime Minister i would leave Norway…….move to England and get a Citizenship that should not be too hard.

    And then vote for Pat Condell.

  5. How public officials can sell out their free society for political gain is baffling and a travesty. They deserve a "damn good whacking."

  6. i really cant believe that the moral code of the majority shifted in less the ten years from ->pedophiles are the worst to
    ->its ok if its a muslim and i defend the "honor" of the muslim to proove that i am not a racist.
    on this example you can see how bigott and super extreme flexible the natural moral codex of the majority is. Maybe its because most have none and just bend like a flag in the wind.

  7. Beautifully put Pat… especially when you mentioned the "engage with communities" and the rainbow coloured car… our country has become a fucking joke.

  8. As usual Pat , what you say makes total sense , shame we couldn't put you in a position of power . We in Australia have the same issues and laws and only one politician who has the strength to say anything . What a topsy turvy world we live in at the moment .

  9. It was Pat's videos all those years ago that got me to take the red pill . Thanks Pat from one of your biggest fans

  10. If there's any men left in UK it's time to, let's say go hunting for rape gangs. Vote FOR BRITAIN. stop this filthy Islamic society progressing any further.

  11. I will vote FOR BRITAIN. sick of police uselessness govt laziness and forced islam. Time for a civil war in UK.

  12. if the governments wernt so piss weak & scared of the racist word none of this would be happening, countries & people would be safe & the trash would be where they were.

  13. It's got to be easier to deploy your forces in monitoring social media & seeking innocent victims who are concerned about the direction this country is heading, than actually getting out there and investigating actual crime!
    God Forbid, someone could get hurt!
    What's not to like from the police's point of view?

  14. Britain is in a free fall. Civilization Jihad is meeting with great success, success beyond the wildest dreams of the muslims. My question to all the Great Brits out there is: Are there enough sane Brits to save the country?

  15. it's beyond the pale that the west has given up it's values for a bunch of third world animals who hate us. fuck your feelings. and if the west is so terrible, stay the fuck in your own shitholes and fix it up.

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