This video contains a small inaccuracy that biblical scholars will doubtless pounce on. The phrase “lake of fire” actually comes from Revelation, not from Jesus, but he’s still responsible for the Christian idea of eternal damnation, the bastard.

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11 thoughts on “Children Of A Stupid God”

  1. I came to the same conclusion – that "God" of Old Testament is more likely a Devil… if Devil exists of course… I think someone must have created us, but we don't know who "he" or "they" are… We have no clue. And based on what's happening in this world whoever created us doesn't care and doesn't interfere. He could as well be the Engineers from that movie Prometheus… and we are unsuccessful experiment… Who knows? Good and evil is within us and not some kind of "invisible entities" that nobody has seen either… I also highly recommend watching the latest HBO's series – The Westworld – something to think about. I'm glad I'm not the only one in my way of thinking… Thanks a lot! Nina.

  2. Interesting, … how "smart" you seem that you are, but, than again, … how Uneducated + Stupid you Are , thinking that you can lead the Planets's Ways better than The Creator Lord God, and to Give the Directions to the Winds better than He Does . Do you Actually Know Why you were sent here into this Incarnation on this His small planet ???

  3. Frightened cavemen?..them days is over mate 🙂
    Time to change your tune …as the truth is actually quite brilliant…and nothing you have heard.

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