To draw attention to the medical kidnapping of a 15 yr old girl by Boston’s Children Hospital, Marty Gottesfeld did a cyber protest to draw attention to situation. Nothing was stolen, no private information was exposed, no one was endangered — fundraising was temporarily suspended. Yet because the protest was done with a computer instead of a group of people staging a sit-in, the government came after Marty for draconian punishment.

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22 thoughts on “Cyber-Protest Of Medical Kidnapping Gets Draconian Punishment”

  1. the boston's children hospital cost themselves all that money by deciding erroniously to torture a child for money. they belong in jail along with any court that is torturing marty g. i am ashamed to no length of their amoral horrific actions

  2. Doctors are stupid. I've dated them before. This girl still seems old enough to make her own choice.  These doctors would be similar to the doctors you would find in the old asylums. No doubt doctors educated and funded by the Rockefeller Foundation. A degree and medical license does not make you a doctor if you don't have common sense and intuition. They lock medically disabled people up in psychiatric units while the streets run rampant with LGBTQ which is listed in their own DMS V as a mental disorder. What about the woman they just locked up for 9 days for not vaccinating her son and then turn the kid over to her psycho husband that has him vaccinated. I'm pretty sure this is what the future looks like under government run healthcare. It's why it was shoved down the peoples throats in the guise of humanities. Screw them. It's illegal and unconstitutional. Hence NULL AND VOID.

  3. This kind of stuff happens all the time in the state of Wisconsin my girlfriend has a son who is 26 now mentally ill and the state stole her guardianship because she did not agree with treatment they lock her son in a house in Milwaukee drug overdose him give him shock treatments starve him and when the authorities were told they ignore it we even contacted our local state senator congressman and they were told not to help we are currently looking at a federal lawsuit but if the judges in the pocket of these people we most likely will not prevail

  4. The attacks on Trump are at a frenzy after defunding Obamacare. That must have been the noose on our neck because these guys are freaking the hell out! Millionaire on CNN acting like his ass was on fire!

  5. I hope all you people realize that there are DOZENS of cases like this every year. I'm grateful that Infowars is covering this story but there are countless others that they haven't given much if any airtime to. There are probably hundreds if not thousands of children right now who were literally stolen from their parents by the State. It's pretty terrifying.

  6. If there is insurance coverage, hospitals will do test after test after worthless test, surgery after surgery with no results. Without medical insurance, they tell people, "Sorry, can't help you" and send them home to die. It's all about the muhnay, folks. This man is a national hero!!!

  7. this is wild and so sad ,if it wasnt so real i would think its a story from fallout 4,Boston Children Hospital is vault tech doing inhuman experiments on children.please excuse me using a game to show this for what it is but its so alike.


    I'm confused about health care. Can you explain why health care is almost double the cost per capita than it is in Europe. I'm on right of nearly every issue, hard right. It's difficult to find anyone who is more of a rightwing hardliner than me. But, I'm not sure where I stand on health care. I look at the cost of health care per capita in France and it pulls me left. Can you make an argument against the cost, if we were to copy the French model would it cut the cost of healthcare almost in half? Or do we have too many people on welfare in America for it to work? The only reason I can think of why the French or Canadian model wouldn't work here in America is that maybe we wouldn't have enough people paying into the system because of health care. Is that right? Or what? 17% of GDP is a lot, if we could free up 7% GDP it would be a big deal. I only bring it up because its the only argument from the left that really resonates with me.
    Ya know, I'm not even sure about these tax cuts anymore either. I'm doubting republican orthodoxy. I'm absolutely in favor of tax cuts for any company that manufacturers their goods in the United States and for individuals earning less than 40k. But, I'm not in favor of tax cuts for Apple or Amazon. I voted for Trump because of immigration, trade, infrastructure, Non-Interventionist foreign policy, Glass Stegall act, international competition to drive down drug prices and to smash MSM & political correctness. Not for tax cuts or healthcare, although I'm not opposed to improving on those. I just don't trust republicans will improve upon them. I'm worried Trump is moving away from his agenda and moving toward the Republican establishments agenda. I want the Wall and the RAISE Act, not tax cuts. I want to end the endless wars and rebuild American infrastructure, not send more troops to Afghanistan.

    PS, please read "How The Catholic Church Built Western Civilization" and pass it on down to Alex and the other Catholic haters at INFOWARS. The Protestant Reformation was a big deal, it improved Western Civilization, The Protestant Churches expanded Western Civilization. I recognize the historical importance and enormous contributions both the Catholic and Protestant churches made to Western Civilization, but it doesn't seem like INFOWARS does. Although I will say that you've much more respectful than Alex and I appreciate it. Catholics know the church was never perfect, thinking Catholics know Francis isn't a good pope, but we're followers of Christ just like every Protestants, Orthodox and every other Christian is. The Evangelical/Catholic alliance in America the model we should follow. Fighting for our churches is every bit as important as fighting for our statues. If we can all acknowledge that we agree on the basics and unite against the Left, we'll be a force to be reckoned with. Read the book David, everyone knows about the darkest chapters in the history of the Catholic Church but they don't know anything about the enormous contributions its made to Western Civilization. "How The Catholic Church Built The West" by Tom Woods. Theirs too much negative propaganda, history of the church is taken out context all the time, this is the only book I know of that can give you a balanced perspective.

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