Dr Steve Pieczenik ❤ TRUTHERS HAVE WON, ALEX JONES, November 15,2017
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10 thoughts on “Dr Steve Pieczenik ❤ TRUTHERS HAVE WON, ALEX JONES, November 15,2017”

  1. Hmmm… Great news just when it appeared Be-zos was about to become So-ros! I do have a Q for Dr. Pieczenik: Not long ago, you were apologizing profusely that you were "wrong about Trump." I thought you highly favored him, so that made my heart sink. It seemed you were kinda-sorta wroth with him. But your heart & words have warmed up toward him. If it ever seems right to disclose, I wanna know why. Perhaps the things you stated herein s/b enough but I'm not thinking that's so. "Thank you" seems so mundane, Alex & Dr. Pieczenik, so I'll say "GOD bless you!"

  2. Because of Israel America is now the most despised Nation on earth. Zionists own US UK and will destroy both Countries if you dont purge them.

  3. Twitter is censoring as is YouTube and Facebook and Google and more. Silicon Valley needs to be fully investigated for their crimes against the American people. The CIA controls the MSM. This must end. Without freedom of press and social media we have no Democracy or Republic. Trump needs to keep communicating with the American people and the world. Nationalism not Globalism is the answer to world prosperity and security and peace.

  4. I agree No Dual Citizenship holders. Too many Mossad agents in our country. Too many members of the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR in our government. Too many Communists in our government. Too many Soros funded Communist organizations in America. Too many foundations laundering money and funding Communist organizations. Too many corporations funding Communist organizations. Too many corporations with offshore accounts, not paying their fair share of taxes.

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