Dr Steve Pieczenik & ALEX JONES The Infowar November 14,2017 | WORLDWIDE BROADCAST
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We do not own this Video. This video was created by using
Youtube Video Creators in Creative Common and it was remade and re-sounded.
Please view source videos from the Official Channel Of Jim Willie for the original one and do not take it too serious.
Official Channel of Dr Steve Pieczenik: https://goo.gl/Wd5XAA
Just spreads the news to everyone!
This video made for those who have missed this Jim Willie content part above.
Thank you so much!

7 thoughts on “Dr Steve Pieczenik & ALEX JONES The Infowar November 14,2017 | WORLDWIDE BROADCAST”

  1. Clinton coup Seth Rich, Alex Jones, Drudge, Donald J TRUMP, Pieczenik, Assange , and Larry Nichols. God bless you! And God Bless the US MILITARY.

  2. Dr Pieczenik thank you thank you thank you for your help in Clinton coup. Thank you for your anti neoconservative stance.

  3. Just a thought Dr Pieczenik is a high high high level CIA agent I love this man , but has anyone given the thought to the fact that he may lead us in direction with false info, just saying,

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