Shepard Ambellas joins Alex Jones live in studio explain exactly how his helicopter theory works with the Las Vegas Massacre narrative and provides the proof behind his game-changing claims.

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14 thoughts on “During Vegas Massacre, Helicopters Went Dark”

  1. I like Alex but he needs Ritalin and some manners he interrupts people so much it's irritating and so many times he takes 30 minutes to get on with it because he rambles and rants so much

  2. I saw some of the first few videos of helicopters and I'm convinced of the helicopter shooter idea , I can't believe this isn't all over the media ….. well actually the fact that it is a logical possibility to most intelligent human beings it doesn't surprise me , screw the fact that our government covers things up but the media is so worthless these days they should be charged with terrorism inciting panic , they should be blackballed from media jobs and even from owning computers, they should get rid of all national news outlets and make three publicly owned news channels who have to report the truth or at least what they see and update info as it comes and when they stage things or lie they should be fined and punished

  3. anyone able to run that choppers tags and registration and look at time logs to see who was flying said helo that day>? someone look it up …

  4. Missing computer used to hack maybe? How would a helicopter turn into a plane.(no transformer jokes :0 ) I believe the laptop found was just a dummy replacement, not the actual one used.

  5. there is no way he got all those guns into this hotel they have weapons detecting and iv heard person after persons there no way to get 2 guns up there let alone that many guns …i would leave this place can people send thiere children to those schools wear shotting happen and they have bullet proff backpacks you couldnt pay me a million dollers to send my kids to sch in this gun happy trigger happy place when you cant even trust your own so called protecters .im on other side of the planet and i even can see this place is so crazy and i dont even live there

  6. and hows way they did it right next to that little pyramid…..mmm and the light going up from the pyramid ..if you no that the pyrimid is a connection to the mind of the universe.and like the dolems in russia they are for accessing the mind of the universe and the ones in egypt are like a bigger version of the dolmens in russia its very clear…why they did this in this location for homage to there higher power satan

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