Establishment Can’t Cover Up Details Of Las Vegas Shooter

Alex Jones does a boil down on all of the evidence stacking up concerning Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock. The media and its tsunami of lies can’t cover up the truth.

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  • Kade Hettrich

    Its unlikely stephen guilty of mercenary group actions ir that he is a merc employee. His home stocked with weapons, guns, bomb making material could have been planted while away at hotel. Anything is possible what isnt possible he responsible for massive shooting. Narrative law enforcement created stinks. They rushed to judgement look to hurry pacify the public to avoid 'looking bad ' Most of the time law enforcement more interested putting best foot forward avoid being scrutinized which is arrogant egotistical and out right SELFISH

  • Kevin Thrasher

    93 million lol

  • Greg Sullivan

    You can't take all the guns, you might start something big and nasty.

  • Kevin clairy

    Start going after illegal gun not legal dumbass that's the problem.

  • KJ Smith

    3,287 people die from cars each day in the USA. 82 from guns. Please check my information and see if I'm correct. Does this mean we should get rid of cars? Actually the globalist would support this strategy… lol. Support our 2nd Amendment 🖒

  • Lisa Adams

    Do we need to have a another discussion about ISIS and HILLARY? I think so!

  • MrBobnokious

    93 million Americans killed everyday by guns. Wow, America will be completely depopulated in three days. Who's doing all this shooting? What a bonehead!

  • Harry Kiralfy Broe

    False flag operation.

  • Travis None

    White on white crime what happened?

  • George Bryan

    They are full of horseshit and think we are stupid

  • Ben Brigman

    Wow we loose 93 million Americans a day, oooops I meant just 93 Americans a day to gun violence… hahaha

  • iamh2ok9

    Take a trip back in "TIME!" Remember, John McCain created ISIS!!! …
    .html ….
    John McCain, the U.S. Senator from Arizona and 2008 Republican presidential candidate, pose for smiling photos with ISIS, getting all buddy-buddy with members of the brutal militant group now taking over city after city in Iraq, with the aim of seizing control of the whole country? What country? Hmmmm? "TME" … There is a "TIME" and a season for everything under heaven; This is the time and the place to end Islam this day and Jesus is the Way!
    Amen! Hallelujah!

    So Pray, Pray, Pray!

    Thank You Lord Jesus!

  • Lying Press

    The )ew Haley Geftman Gold said she had no sympathy for the victims if they were Republicans, which she referred to as "Repugs."
    The )ew$ hate the white people. Liberal is only the codeword for ANT1-WH1TE

  • Anti Establishment

    Crazy Nazi shooter.

  • Elizabeth Harris

    Someone needs to ask in the next press conference why a SWAT officer discharged his weapon upon entering paddocks room. Listen to the recording. Zebra20 to control @ 1:20:34 "We also have 1 SWAT officer that did fire.. Negative injuries on anybody else"

  • Strange Armour

    According to the "estimate", the entire population of the US will be dead in 3 days. Doh!

  • Jordan Thompson

    93 people a day are killed by guns and the funny part is 99 percent of those deaths are in democrats districts lol. Bunch of lying shits

  • Leonard knight

    Mr. Paddock was a professional trained terrorists,

  • Ahme

    oh I love the fake cover story to cover the other cover story.

  • K1ng Sludg3

    If you blindly follow any person in power you are a fool.

  • Greatland

    . Glass that high does not have to be tampered. It is usually a 1″ unit consisting of 2 “lites’ of 14 plate glass, separated by an 1/2 air space. However, the outer light is usually heat strengthened glass, which breaks in similar fashion to tampered glass, but larger chunks. Either way, breaking out the glass with the wooden hammer shown would be near impossible, possibly deadly to the man with the hammer. Plate glass is unpredictable and deadly when broken, out, and only the most experienced of us do it when it must be done. No way an accountant could do this without getting seriously hurt or even killed. There was also a statement that it was “hurricane” or impact glass. There would be no need for this very expensive and heavy glass in the desert. And no way, no way in hell, a wooden hammer would break it out. Impact glass is virtually bullet proof.

  • Doug D

    A Republican or Democrat according to Alex both are working to start a civil war??
    Who's fighting who????

  • Rhi Potter

    We need less guns..
    Hence taking guns from all actual registered owners while the criminals keep the ones they have !
    Another great fucking idea made up by elite devils to kill white males slowly and discredit all normal opinion

  • Matthew Caulk

    Someone needs to ask why one SWAT officer shot at Paddock when entering the room @ 1:20:34 on the police scanner. (LISTEN CLOSE) Zebra20 to control "We also have 1 SWAT officer that did fire..Negative injuries on anybody else"

  • Will Metz

    lol 93 million fail

  • Cesar Chavez

    There is no worse blind person , than the one who does not want to see!
    The real reason for Venezuelan Crisis is not socialism you dumb ass, is the "CIA" intervention in Venezuela, they are paying the fake opposition in Venezuela , Ignorant dumb people still believing in the mainstream media lies!

  • Paul Colourzone

    Bannon on Hannity made it clear… next election cycle the establishment will pay. It will be a slaughter !!!!
    Then once there are true patriots working for the people the disease called Liberalism will be inoculated !!!
    Globalism needs to be removed from this entire continent.

  • scrumsey

    23 Guns for 1 shooter? Risk moving unnecessary amounts of firepower to the 32nd floor of a video surveillance monitored casino? Nope. There was more than 1 involved.

  • Cadeth Ofgravel

    Deep state owns pisis it is pisis we made pisis just a jv squad right?

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