In this session, we’ll look at the important predictions about this period of time from the perspective of Western nations. We’ll discover the tremendous rejection of God in the West during the tribulation, as well as God’s supernatural power to preserve Israel. These events can also impact our lives today. We are called to live prepared, pure, and productive as we await Christ’s rapture of the church and the future tribulation upon the earth.

10 thoughts on “Europe & the United States in the End Times”

  1. I feel so excited of Second coming of Jesus Christ to take Us . Jesus have mercy on us thanks for the holy spirit help us to walk right in your sight

  2. Love this show but Revelation 17 and 18 speaks about the Vatican, city on 7 hills, the false church of Rome, mother of harlots and idol worship around the world – yes, their roots go back to Babylon/Iraq which will also be destroyed.

  3. The war with North Korea is just a distraction , by keeping our eye on them Washington is doing something else in the Middle East. Us not knowing what going on . Those people in Washington are a bunch of criminals.

  4. Israel has 300 nukes plus 3 nuclear powered Submarines. Iran has none . This is according to Pat Buchanan. There other Washington sources. This is Israels role in the Middle East, , this is why Benjamin Netanyahu want the United States to go to war with Iran because Israel is part of the United Nations. Benjamin Netanyahu is a mad man International Jewish Bankers want control the oil in the Middle East looking for Global control of oil. Too over throw Syria is there goal .

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