Alex Jones breaks down the current Infowars investigation into the Las Vegas shooting, leaving no answers from the LVPD, FBI, or the mainstream media unquestioned.

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13 thoughts on “Evidence Mounts Pointing Toward Multiple Shooters In Vegas Massacre”

  1. Why is nobody talking about the photo of the Vegas shooter that supposedly shows him with his girlfriend with a shot glass in his hand… This is completely photo shopped. I took the highest resolution photo i could find of this pic, Brought it into photo shop. went in to highlights and shadows and made the shadows brighter and Bang…….. You can see so may problems with the photo shopping that was done that totally dis credits this picture. go do it for yourself PLEASE. I beg of you…..

  2. Las Vegas Fakers, Fraud Money Takers! No shooters, No victims. Sound Effects played over the speaker system. Who in the last few years keeps trying to push more Las Vegas security? Sayanim Steve Wynn. Not to forget all the Jewish/Israeli Sayanims pushing Las Vegas Security right now: Sayanims Heller, Goodman, Chertoff, Adelson, etc. Zionist Sheldon Adelson happened to meet with "Donald Trump" on Oct. 2nd 2017. Billion dollar Zionist scam in progress.

  3. Is it true what they are saying about Trump wanting to create ten times more nuclear weapons than we currently have stockpiled!?

  4. The rapid gunshots that sound like there being fired from a good distance away, are being shot from a helicopter!

  5. I'm so fucking tired after a bunch of mass attacks all of the sudden we have people giving a shit and looking deeper into every conspiracy .. Yeah obviously we will never know the full true story but regardless it's not like anything ever gets done about it .. just another story on the wall sadly .. it's heartbreaking people forget tragic news / history months later

  6. People want the truth. Then sue the hotel motel. Wake up AMERICANS. Sue Vegas club for allowing this to happen.

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