Phil Campion, a former SAS soldier and a veteran of just about every major conflict zone in the world, travels to the front line in Syria and Iraq to meet the men and women taking the fight to Islamic State.

Known as ‘Big Phil’, he filmed for Sky with both the YPG and Kurdish Peshmerga, observing their war against a well-equipped and motivated enemy.

He experienced some of the worst battles of his life while embedded with the Kurds and met the all-female fighting units of the YPJ, described as a secret weapon of the war.

Are those fighting Islamic State properly equipped for battle? And is this a fight they can win? Find out in our special report.

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15 thoughts on “Fighting Islamic State: Big Phil’s War | Special Report”

  1. HASSIKTIR GIT AMK. ingilizlerin yapacagi belgesel anca bu kadar olurdu zaten. ypg'nin de pkk'ninda canlari cehenneme.

  2. Good documentary although clearly pro-conflict propaganda and as much as I respect this guy's service, he reeks of sexism. Leaving a group of poorly equipped women on the front line is just as appalling as leaving a group of poorly equipped men on the front line. Male lives matter just as much as women. I'm fed up with men being seen as disposable.

  3. It's a disgrace that the west isn't doing more to help the Kurdish people. Shame on Obama and David Cameroon. Absolute scumbags, especially Obama.

  4. more propaganda to get the ordinary joe blogs brit to support what the us and uk governments are trying to do over there in Syria  makes me sick

  5. These are real people, and brave at that, I hope mr. putin helps arm them and help them full stop. america and the english forces are not going in why ?? maybe they the big boys want this to happen, it's all about the oil, nothing else. Power and greed. = control. shame on obama for putting 50 tones of weapons in isis hands last thursday…

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