MILO is joined by speakers Pamela Geller and Mike Cernovich.

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  1. Milo got veneers and teeth whitening as his mouth now looks VERY different than before. I thought his smile was perfectly fine before. His smile now looks a bit manufactured. Every tooth on the top is exactly the same length and angle. It is almost as if he is wearing dentures. On another note his hair looks absolutely fantastic in this video!

  2. Why doesn't UC Berkeley just relocate to some Islamic country? They'd fit in a whole lot better where free-speech is constricted.

  3. America is a republic, founded on the rule of law and not mob rule. The mob can vote and scream and demand all they want. The vote of the mob doesn't usurp the Constitution.

  4. Ah college where Bains go to die, I go to a little technical college and the liberal agenda is so huge. I wanted to go to "The truth about Islam" event but I didn't because I knew I would of gotten expelled

  5. they should not have to file lawsuits the justice dept SHOULD be hammering them down MY CIVIL RIGHTS HAVE BEEN VIOLATED

  6. MILO is an Annoying Pimp of imps and a thorn in the side of many, A flaming faggot who rides onto college campuses on his pet Unicorn. and I love him. Keep up the good work you adorable Scamp.

  7. Milo – The Conservative Free Speech Movement has won the war – it is only matter of time before the totalitarian-Left will have to admit defeat!

  8. Milo needs to sue the dentist that fixed his vampire teeth. He now has upgraded to extreme over bite chiclets

  9. So, Milo – UC Berkeley took your money and cancelled you Event?

    You know what that is? THEFT 💔

    Solution? Lawsuit ❤️❤️❤️

  10. Unfortunate an institution once known as a beacon of free speech is suddenly running scared. Whether I agree or not with Milo is irrelevant really, he should be allowed to speak and those who attend his talk given the opportunity to take or leave his oratory and support or critique it on the on the merits of their own intellects and conscience. Awful.

  11. This is no press conference, this is a cheap marketing gimmick to support homo pedo Milo. Your 15 minutes of fame are over dude, go back to England and be perverse over there..

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