Kellyanne Conway and CNN’s Anderson Cooper clashed in an interview over CNN’s reporting of the classified documents presented to President Obama and President-elect Trump including allegations that Russian operatives claim to have compromising personal and financial information about Trump.

15 thoughts on “Full interview: KellyAnne Conway, Anderson Cooper clash over Russian intel report”

  1. Kelly Ann Conway & Sean spicer should have a little douche baby !! Impeach Donald Hump & make America great again !! Pure Douche Bullshit !!alternate truth

  2. Funny she is talking about cleaning house when Trump is now refilling the swamp.
    Do me a favor – CONway. Stop saying, 'the American people want…' You don't know what I want.

  3. It's amazing….every time she gets "caught" in a lie but called on her doubletalk bullshit, and she then tries to move to a whole other line of bullshit, she gets a funny look in her eye and then just proceeds on to the next level of doubletalk. Once you catch on, it's hilarious. It's like a Abbot and Costello conversation of Who's on First. Only…this isn't funny. Cooper called her out and she just would not even try to get to the get to the truth. Just more bullshit.

  4. every single angle of information coming out of the White House in this administration gets upset when you try to fact-check them or ask them to follow through on a subject and explore or discuss it.
    She is not the only one it's all of the outlets directed to us.

  5. she argues that they don't comment on it and then tries to make her comments.
    She will not decide weather this is a topic that is or is not commented on.
    You do not get to claim something false and then follow up as your evidence of that it's false with "we don't comment on these topics" Either you do comment on them or you do not.
    She continues to comment on it and then roadblocks with the we don't comment then continues to argue but not address opposition with excuse after talking over him to further roadblock, excuse.
    I just can't be supportive of this ridiculousness anymore.
    Trump's entire public Communication personnel is not commuting any information to us, they're making excuses about what "he believes" rather than portraying the administration's stance on something. They're attacking the news reporting but they're not making corrections to what supposedly "is" real they're simply saying the news is wrong and they are making provable false stories and unsubstantiated accusations. It is beyond disgraceful.

  6. This woman is a pathological liar, just like her boss. God, I couldn't IMAGINE how any man could listen to her mouth in the same house all day!!

  7. Best "Official White house" bullshitter…. Her tactic, throw more and more and more and more… BS, deflect, …wow,….. Just wow.

  8. Anderson…… Dude learn how to interview Kellyanne, the D grade ambulance chasing attorney.
    Kellyanne interview strategies: 1) Take a Key Word out of question and repeats it as if she is going to answer, 2) She listening to concepts she can latch on to make an irrelevant claim or statement, 3) she banks on interviewer to be polite and not interrupt or repeat a question and expects them to move on to another question, 4) she passes the buck and says 'she does not know and interviewer has to ask the source', 5) she reinvents Trump's position and very straightforward allegations into something she wished Trump was talking about, 6) she has decided not to give meaningful answers, or to provide clarity, and there is no way to have successful interview with her because she dodges the questions, and creates more confusions than clarity. Interviewers can do a successful interview with her if, and ONLY IF, know that you must misdirect her by interrupting her and asking her same question over and over again, and stopping her do her 6 strategies to dodge and confuse.

  9. Hello, Anderson Cooper, I'm still following you and others. This is with regard to the bombing of Syria a few days later than this date I'm writing on. Call me a CYNIC, but since trump has been pandering to putin FROM the very beginning, when he got into politics AT THE EXPENSE OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, he decides nowadays polishing his act, even criticizing putin, Bannon, and NATO suddenly NOT ABHORRENT?!!! I do believe in Miracles, but this 180 of trump is really fishy!

    Knowing that trump's family and his businesses are his number 1 PRIORITIES, and these, I believe have been suffering revenues, except for his twisting the arms of dignitaries to use his hotels, all paid by the people, I'm sorry, but I still smell a big rat! This is another of his MANIPULATIONS, and I pray we, Americans DO NOT TAKE this as TRUTH. I pray, I'm wrong, but I don't think so, since with all the casualties through all these months with him being indifferent (collateral damages), and he claims now, that the pictures of the children gassed in Syria really touched him?!!! BAD BAD SMELL!!!

    Thank you, Anderson. Blessings!

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