President Donald Trump Speech NATO Unveiling Of The Article 5 Berlin Wall Memorials 2017 Trump. NATO meeting in Brussels. Remarks President Trump, NATO Sec. Jens Stoltenberg and Angela Merkel. Nato Summit

Trump Departs meeting with EU leaders, protest

NATO leaders are holding their breath: Will Mr. Trump endorse Article 5?

What he has been vocal about is pressing NATO allies to pay.

President Donald Trump European Union Headquarters Meeting with EU Leaders 2017 Trump EU Nato

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump will remain in Brussels, Belgium on Thursday. The first lady has no schedule events but the president’s schedule is full of meetings with EU leaders and NATO.
The president will start his Thursday by meeting with EU leaders at the union’s headquarters before he meets with France’s President Macron at the U.S. Embassy.
The remainder of the president’s day will be spent at NATO headquarters participating in ceremonies and discussing issues.
The president and first lady will then head to Taormina, Italy ahead of the G7 conference to be held there.
Not listed in the official schedule is Mrs. Trump’s visit to a surrealist art museum.

President Trump’s schedule for Thursday, 5-25-17
All Times Local//Eastern Time
10:00 AM // 4:00 AM The president arrives at the European Union Headquarters
10:30 AM // 4:30 AM The president participates in an expanded bilateral meeting with European Union leadership – European Union Headquarters
4:15 PM // 10:15 AM The president participates in the NATO unveiling of the Article 5 and Berlin Wall memorials – NATO Headquarters
4:55 PM // 10:55 AM The president participates in the handover ceremony of the new NATO Headquarters – NATO Headquarters
5:45 PM // 11:45 AM The president has a working dinner with NATO leaders – NATO Headquarters
8:40 PM // 2:40 PM The president and first lady depart Brussels, Belgium, en route to Taormina, Italy – Brussels International Airport. NATO leaders are holding their breath: Will Mr. Trump endorse Article 5?




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22 thoughts on “FULL: President Donald Trump Speech NATO Unveiling Of The Article 5 Berlin Wall Memorials 2017 Trump”

  1. Good morning for all the peple of the NATO in Belgien -Shape -Brüssel in Belgien. I want to say you -that you are the Best for the peace in the World. I wish you a very nice day and week. The life with the Sun and the moon and we all love our children with their dogs. Thank you. 🌝🌚⛅🌎🐳🐋🐟🐠

  2. I gotta tell you, it's yugely astounding to see such a man running America. Never thought a man with a 70 word vocabulary could get there. How things change. For some reason whenever I see or hear him my mind keeps skipping back to that sweet obama phone lady. Tremendous!

  3. Trump is destroying Europe (or at least he's trying). The turks have opened the gates as promised and Merkel in an attempt to delay/avoid conflict is 'welcoming' the guests in. Murica's bullshit has run out and now to avoid being the first to declare bankruptcy, they're fucking Europe up. That's why Germany has requested all their gold be returned, that's why Turkey – EU accession talks have been suspended. For fuck's sake people, please, for your children, stop filling your minds with shit like sports and cheap entertainment and start paying attention. Soon Europe, as we know it, might be gone. It would be a real shame. Ask yourselves why China has built empty replicas of major European cities. Connect the dots

  4. Anyone else laughing when President Trump fixes the pages of the speech. He's like, That's a bit off, Let me make it straight.

  5. Europe is just sucking off America's Military and Intelligence Tits. Without America, Europe is gonna sink. Ironically, without Europe America itself will sink.

  6. A broke Superpower, pretending to be mighty and powerful. The West is fucked for good. Whatever money industrialization brought you will disappear soon.

  7. All this BS about Article 5 and Trump is lame and has no hard truth to it. WHO is NATO going to be attacked by? No one. What is the real threat to the NATO nations ? – could it be the knowing replacement of their own people/race and Nation with people that want to up root everything that is Europe? While Europe bitches about Trump not kissing their ass, their own leaders are planning their own deaths through 3rd world immigration. What IF NATO had a war? Could the NATO nations draft its men to go to war vs. XYZ and leave all the women and children home with 8 million Islamic rapists? I think not !! NATO as a true Org is dead.

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