Jordan Peterson responds in full to the Channel 4 interview and its aftermath. He also elaborates on what we think are the five strongest points of his philosophy on “how to be in the world”, namely:

1- The centrality of the archetypical hero’s myth
2- The central role of the Logos during the hero’s narrative
3- Making the right sacrifices when bargaining with the future
4- Orienting yourself towards the highest possible good you can conceive
5- Minimise your persona, cultivate your essence, and live in its closest possible proximity

Enjoy! We sure did.

For the Dutch among you, we wrote down an elaborate summary of those five points, with Peterson’s relevant lectures embedded in the text.

For the none-Dutch, Google translate might take you a long way!

22 thoughts on “Full video: Jordan Peterson on the Channel 4 Controversy and Philosophy of “How to be in the World””

  1. I think it might be Bill Burr he's quoting regarding Tiger Woods rather than Louis CK but it could be they both riffed similarly. But Bill has a major bit right along those lines.

  2. that Louis ck joke was a bill burr joke, the doc got that wrong but its hilarious he remembered that joke, bill burr is the man!

  3. Jordan is biased against Gingers! He said Louis CK had a bit about famous men who cheat are tempted by bus loads of Scandinavian models, that’s bill burrs bit about an Epidemic of Gold Digging Whores. He swapped ginger comedians!

  4. Dr. Peterson is the kind of person who deserves a public statue, because it seems likely he will go down as an intellectual, genuine speaker that leaves a lasting positive mark on society.

  5. If you're reading this comment. Please. Look at the song somebody made of Professor Peterson. LMFAO!!!! It's called JBPWAVE: A Jordan Peterson Lofi Hip Hop Mix………. Kills me.

  6. Perhaps Mr Peterson isn't used to the type of interview he got on C4, In the UK it's quite common and when I watched the interview I wondered what all the fuss was about.

  7. They made a big deal about the 'threats' because they are trying to pass anti free speech internet laws in UK at moment. Katie Price is pushing it because her disabled son got trolled. Its about policing speech on internet. Harveys Law I think they are calling it. Complete joke. Esp cos its probably the mothers fault why her son is disabled. Easier to blame internet trolls for her sons life problems. I digress.

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