Its days are numbered.

41% of Americans want to criminalise “hate speech”

“I’m a liberal professor, and my liberal students terrify me”

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20 thoughts on “Goodbye to the First Amendment”

  1. "Progressive" either has a different meaning in England, or Pat has descended into Right-Wingnut propagandizing. Perhaps he is drawing his definition of "Progressive" from the Right-Wingnut Propaganda Machine that is run by the Koch Brothers. His use of the Strawman, and Tar with the Big Brush are really indefensible. I hate to see Pat become a tool of our own co-opted GOP. But he has drifted far off his message, and descended into brassy, poorly focused and poorly founded ideological attacks. His anti-Islamist attacks were very well-researched and logical. Perhaps he is attacking "Progressives" because the only faction that consistently agrees with his anti-Islamists polemics are far Right-Wingnut fear mongering xenophobes and he feels that he must pick up their other causes in kinship. Whatever the cause, here in America Pat Condell can now be seen as just an extension of the right wingnut anti-Hillary propaganda machine that has been cranking out lies and innuendos for years.

  2. There would be a civil war before they could get rid of the 1st Amendment, or the 2nd for that matter. We might get one anyways. Thankfully it is actually only 41% of Yougov users that want to get rid of the 1 amendment so I don't think that amounts to much. Then again, I've seen the videos of our collage kids that sign the petitions to ban stupid stuff (like water) by calling it a technically name and our educated youth is too ignorant to know what they are banning.

  3. The first amendment? Isn't that an American idea? I think you are living in the wrong country Paddy. The 'enlightened' have police shooting almost 1000 people so far this year. When you leave for the wild west Pat, don't forget your BPV.


  5. The whole world is rapidly entering a catastrophic era due to all the lies and deceits promulgated by the left-wing "progressives". "Political Correctness" takes priority over absolute truth and honesty in order to garner unearned wealth and power over the masses who are purposely under-educated and misinformed on a daily basis. Armageddon is surely upon us.

    The fault, the reason for all this, is the abandonment of reason itself and its replacement with mystical thinking, thinking which abandons reality, distorts facts, believes that things are other than they are, believes in ghosts, spirits, hobgoblins, gods and the like. The result? Failure to take personal responsibility for one's own life and instead turn it over to an outside authority, whether such authority be a religious or political leader, (Pope, Ayatollah, Archbishop, President, Prime minister, or whatever). Yes, a total abandonment of one's mind, one's one and only tool essential for survival.

    That is why we are doomed as a race…….the total abandonment of the mind. Anti-mind is anti-man is anti-life.

  6. Listening to this guy made me feel, why was I christian? Islam is now the way and I best get in early before they have fully taken over Europe! Al-ḥamdu lillāh, Al-ḥamdu lillāh , Al-ḥamdu lillāh.

    Thank you for the help in seeing the light.

  7. dont worry pat, over here in the usa, muslims know their place in society. if they tried half the shit here that they do over there, they'd get their asses shot.

  8. I love this guy! He's just saying what we all are thinking, and he has the guts to defend his ideology, unlike the spineless scum we've elected to Congress.

  9. America is very religious. No pol in US could be elected if not religious. Anyone criticizing religion is accused of attacking Christianity. So, many agree no one should say anything against religion, thus anti hate speech laws sound ok to many.

     Add White Guilt to this and you even have atheists turning purple over anyone who criticizes Islam as being racist. But Islam is not a race, but no matter. All ideas are equal, all opinions are worth of respect. And we are signing our own death warrant.

  10. What I have been saying for over a year… phrased differently: Feelings are now Facts, and Facts are now Hate Speech! Thank you Pat… I say this with the greatest respect: God bless you. Or just Blessings to you! I am grateful.

  11. America has not been a democratic republic since 1913
    when Woodrow Wilson signed the third Federal Reserve Act

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