Hillary: I Lost The Election Because Of Infowars And Wikileaks.

Clinton still blaming everyone apart from herself seven months later.

Hillary Clinton is still blaming everyone apart from herself for her election loss – almost seven months later.

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5 thoughts on “Hillary: I Lost The Election Because Of Infowars And Wikileaks”

  1. nope, you lost because you lost your fucking mind, probably lost it mid puberty you psycho cunt. i hope she dies on stage giving 1 of her manipulating deranged speaches, and im not joking. i want to see her choke to death and fully suffer, i wana see the life drain out of her.

  2. she is lying she lost because she is a bad person chought up in her self and how much money she can get. she was a lawyer and bin in the government for a wile and you would think she would know how to Handel classified info but she cant because she does not like to be told what to do by any one, she does not respect women because she tried to threaten women that bill had sex with, in stead of leaving hem she felt the power of that and she was hoked and from there on she went down hill by her self.

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