It should be compulsory.

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27 thoughts on “Insulting Religion”

  1. when I first became atheist,I used to wonder why other atheists had channels literally dedicated to insulting believers & making fun of their beliefs, but not anymore. these mf's deserved to be ridiculed. they have a level of foolish, delusional arrogance that makes my fucking skin crawl.

  2. I am so sick of you, so sick of Atheist, the Religious nuts,
    Christians, Catholics, that spend all their time ripping each other, but
    helping no one. Like preschool kids, calling each other names. You blame evil
    on religion but evil is because of people like you and the people you fight
    against. You build walls, but have no answers. All you people do is attack each
    other like Hilary and Trump and come out looking horrible. Anyone who stands
    with you should be ashamed. The way all of you debate sounds like hate to me. Nobody
    cares about the real answer just being right. Nobody cares about anyone else, just
    being right.

    Answer me this Mr. No respect. What is the meaning of life?
    Why are we here? What happens when I die, where will I go? What actually exist
    beyond this existence, and what proof do you have? Who created us? Is what you
    believe based on theory or fact? If there is no God, as you say, what proof do
    you have besides degrading those that believe? In fact what proof do you have
    to anything you believe besides your rants and disrespect? Are you 100% sure on
    what you believe? Or do you believe in what you believe because it works for
    you? Would you bet your life, my life, and the rest of the worlds, on what you
    believe? What give you the right to sway ones beliefs?

    If there is one question here that you can’t answer with exact
    proof, not evidence, but exact proof, then you can’t be 100% sure. So how dare
    you stand there with such a dogmatic stance, with such arrogance, and with no respect?
    There is no love in that, or is love something you don’t believe in too? You have
    to have faith to believe in Love….

    By the way how do you explain love? Why do we love, it seems
    illogical, If I use intellect, like you, without heart? Is love an illusion and
    if it’s not an illusion, then where was it born? Is there absolute truth or is
    everything relative? If there is relative, then do you actually exist, and if
    you don’t exist, why should I listen to you?

    I want answers that can help me; but you seek hatred that
    harms…how is that help?

    I am done… now you can delete this post!

  3. "I give your religion as much respect as it gives me" and luckily that means Pat respects occultism (to some degree) since it doesn't enforce its way on him.

  4. and I will add the words of the Lord Jesus Christ to that, For its not that which goes into the mouth that defiles a man; but that which comes out of the mouth, this defiles a man. Matt 15:11,19 For out of the heart proceeds evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies

  5. It seems we never learn that two wrongs do not make a right…

    Compulsory? Killing people for food is compulsory. Do the math

  6. Why do these imbecile Muslim scum come to our Christian country in the first place? Stay in you're own torn up scrap yard of a country, stay out of our civilised country, take you extremist Islamist bullshit and continue blowing yourselves up. No one here cares about you or your god awful, ludicrous religion and ideology.

  7. I believe that Grotozi is my light and my saviour. I believe he is coming to earth for the first time any time now and those of you who don't believe in Him will be left behind. I believe He is the One and Only God and anyone who don't believe in him will perish. You HAVE to respect my God or else!!!

  8. Hmm the bible says to love everyone and says everyone is Hell bound but through Jesus sacrifice we can be made clean to the Father or God. But I don't believe it's garbage and I'm not offended in fact I do believe many took God's name and justified wickedness many times. And even though it's written though shalt not kill but love your enemy especially now that God is looking for more people though were pagan and not of jewish roots but he will also get the jews back near the tribulation overall whoever takes the bible as their way of life isn't allowed to participate in war until jesus comes back and resurrects the saints. That's a whole lot and it probably sounds crazy but there are valid scholars that believe Jesus was an actual historical figure and his apostles as well.

  9. Pat you are a non cowardly non apologetic person that tells these people exactly what they are. I agree with you 100% and whoever doesn't like it can kiss my ass, because I don't care about your pathetic feelings either you sad sack of Christian dog shit. These over privileged religious cowards have spread so much violence, hate, and ignorance around this planet that history will look upon them as the crude vial barbarians that they rightfully are. That will be their mark upon humanity, centuries down the road, and the people at the time will look back at them with so much disgust and contempt in their heart, and astonishment that human kind ever last as long as it has. All Christian charity is fake and phony. It's sole purpose is to trick you into thinking that they are nice people so they can brainwash you into their cult. They don't really care about you at all. It is a scam. Charity is used by the church to acquire more slaves, I mean followers.

  10. Insults are a form of aggression, If you don't believe in something you don't have to antagonize the people that do! This is coming from a non religious person!

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