Shir Hever questions Netanyahu’s maneuvers and effectiveness of his strategies in generating support for Israel in the United States and around the world

22 thoughts on “Is Netanyahu Fueling Anti-Semitism?”

  1. I think Muslims, Blacks should step up whenever a Jewish person is being attacked, Jews are our brothers. Many Jews are for peace, justice.

  2. I notice a big rise of antisemitism, revisionism everywhere on YouTube form people that are traditionally Christian and pro Israel.

    Now the weirdest part is that no Jews try to fight back, its like they let it go. That's a huge contrast if compare to the past.

    If this antisemitism is not controlled or stop, we will see even more racism, violence towards other minorities

  3. If you want to understand Israel's long-term objective in dealing with the Palestinians you need only study the first 150 years of U.S. history and how it dealt with the Palestinians of their time, the Native Americans Indians.

    The silver lining in this is that by 2080 or so, if they're lucky, the few that remain will get their own casinos.


  5. One would have to say yes. For the first time, last week I saw a news report about what the Israeli's were doing, and all I could think was I do not like the Israeli's and what they stand for. No consideration given to historical development or the surrounding political situation. Quite simply, what they are now doing is morally reprehensible.

  6. Israel has 6 million Jews. Denmark has 5 million Danes. Nobody "guarantees" the Danes a state of their own. Instead, they lecture the Danes and all whites about diversity. You bastards harp on hate. IT'S HATEFUL to bereave entire peoples of nations. It's being done all over Europe.
    Yesterday, I heard that "immigrants have names" on the BBC. Really?! I thought they had Dewey Decimal indices. Every last Spaniard who invaded South America had a god damn name. Every soldier in the SS-Einsatzgruppen had a name which was given him by his mother. Invaders have names!!! The short term energy of the invasion is what people are talking about. If the sea slowly rises above your shores over years, it does more damage in the long run than if a tsunami hits your shore and thereafter wanes in a week. You can come back from a tsunami. You cannot come back from a rising sea. The non white immigration flowing to Europe and America is worse than a plague. "Once ya go black…" Chuckles! It's an invasion of massive proportions. People have to wake up and stop it.
    Crippled, sickly, poor me…I'm going to stop it! Call my brains cowardly as the likes of Obama chastise my shattered skull for being a "stubborn bigot" as the black mob parades my corpse. I am the "dark side" who believes in his people, the Germanic peoples. You call racism a "construct," I call it "inclusive exclusion necessary for long term survival." Fuck you. You hid behind the LBJ era laws and state propaganda and compulsory indoctrination in the schools.
    Did you get the memo that humans are APES?!
    If Ray Kurzweil creates a super AI, it will get the memo straight away.
    Do world destroyers have compassion? Do they deserve compassion?

  7. Anglo-centrism is the American analogue to Zionism. Got no problem with the former. If we must get the backs of the Zionists, we should at least behave as they behave.

  8. According to Noam Chomsky, both Israel and the United States behaviors have repeatedly violated past agreements related to nuclear programs/systems. Iran did not. Noam discusses what exactly is the threat of Iran?

    Watch video below

    Noam Chomsky, an American has been described as a prominent cultural figure, and was voted the "world's top public intellectual" in a 2005 poll

  9. Any crime commited by a government on behalf of its people that go's unpunished means the people are complicit and that go's for Israel UK US Turkey Saudi Araiba Canada Austraila Quatar all guilty of war crimes.

  10. “Maybe that is because everyone is tired of Israel, a nuclear-armed state that tried to sell nuclear weapons to the former government of South Africa, continues to pretend to be a helpless victim in need of monumental amounts of financial and military assistance.

    Maybe it is because the reality is that Iran has not launched a war of aggression against another country in over 200 years while Israel cannot seem to go six months without stirring up trouble somewhere”.

    “Maybe it is because behind all of Israel's screaming that Iran is a sponsor of terror we find that it was actually Israel behind the Lavon Affair, Reagan's attack on Libya, the USS Liberty, the USS Cole, 9-11, etc. etc. etc. etc”.

    And maybe it is because we are all sick and tired of constant references to something that may or may not have happened before we were all born as the reason we should all turn a blind eye to Israel's war crimes committed today right before our very eyes.
    It isn't just Europe that is sick and tired of Israel.

  11. While I would answer yes to the question (seems pretty obvious).  Isn't the framing of this question the kind of thing that gets people like Harris in trouble with the left?

  12. Of course he is, he has made it clear to the people the power of Jewish influence in the US and they starting to detest it.

  13. Short answer: yes.

    Long answer: yes, and he and all the zionists have an interest in creating anti-semitic sentiment: provoke "alyah" of jews to the "holy land" and gain more power…

  14. Continuing to accept the vast lies of the Holocaust as history fuels anti-semitism. Continuing to allow a religion to control media and government fuels anti-semitism. If you haven't been called anti-Semitic, you aren't a patriot, and you have no clue about the source of the world's trouble. Zionism and before that Judaism must be treated carefully as they do now and historically have exploited religion to act as a parasite on their host nations of the world.

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