American warplanes and an unmanned drone targeted fighters and artillery of the Islamic State militant group in northern Iraq. President Obama announced the strikes — the first since the last U.S. troops left Iraq in 2011 — as thousands of displaced minority Christians and Yazidis remained stranded on Sinjar Mountain without food or water. Chief foreign correspondent Margaret Warner reports.

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18 thoughts on “Islamic State fighters defiant after U.S. airstrikes”

  1. Hey Palestine is being bombed to dust and innocent people are being
    maimed,slaughtered, detained, and totured etc….Oh Israel did
    it…Nevermind its ok its something to do with terrorist, militant,
    Islamist with human shields,terror,terror,terror in a tunnel or
    something,…But we really need to help/stop, the, Syrian Free
    Army????oops I mean, Alquiada, ooops I mean ISIL ooops, I mean
    ISIS…wait,they changed their name and got a press agent…. its IS
    now………..darn this is confusing I cant keep up….

  2. What about helping the Palestinian, Burmese who have worst conditions. You
    are supporting killing of innocent people in gaza where children and
    civilians death toll is more than 2000, hundreds of thousands have been
    displaced, what r u doing about that? Burmese living in open air jail, no
    one mentions it in the news and no action is taken…your only bombing in
    Iraq for ur own interest. Not to help people, in fact you are terrifying
    the people there by bombing. Send aid and work with the people in authority
    if you want to help.

  3. Stop bitching about gaza. 3000 civilians died in 3 days in Kurdistan. In
    gaza its little over 1000. And in this case the people of Kurdistan dont
    support Terrorists. Kurds kill Terrorists. In Gaza you dont know who is
    civillian and who is terrorist. Long live The Kurdish/Isreali Brotherhood !

  4. USA cannot escape this War that will make Vietnam seem just a skirmish…

    Exciting times…on top every continent has nuclear weapons too..

    Putin will be looking to see America get stuck in the quagmire

    America will face a return in Iraq but with it Syria and Afghanistan will
    blaze again

    This is it. The beginning of the end of the power of the West and the end
    of Israel…

    Can you feeeeeeel it?

  5. Send isis to their 72 year old vigins in hell…. Looking forward to more
    videos of isis getting fucked…. 

  6. Christians are the most evil people on earth. They ignore innocents being
    slaughtered worldwide (when they have power to stop it) and will cite
    ‘innocent’ for their own political interests

  7. The stakes are huge. The US cannot will not let go of the US dollar to
    remain the world currency reserve….kept alive by the oil connection

    IS knows that this is the prophecy about the Big War of the Black Gold ie
    Oil that the Prophet Muhammad mentioned and the assaulr that will begin by
    the West from Syria….

    Each day this prophecy is unravelling…
    You will see a huge war and you will see Russia attack Ukraine only to make
    a pact with the Muslim world to defeat US NATO once and for all…..WW3 is
    going to make WW2 seem like a walk in the park……China N Korea will
    attack to capitalse on their enemies

  8. IS is on the verge of destroying the oil supply lines to the West exactly
    as Bin Laden predicted…

    US does not give did not will not give horseshit about the new Yazidi
    This is about the oil and its sale in the US dollar…and IS who is on the
    way to destroying this huge loot ever known in history

  9. Yazidis are the people who worship lucifer (iblis) .
    The us help devil worshipers who their freemasonic leaders are in line
    with. And not muslims or christians in syria,palestine, burma, list goes

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