Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has met with Damas Pakada, the Ethiopian Israeli soldier who was seen on a close circuit video camera being beaten by police.

“I was shocked and we cannot accept this,” the PM is reported to have told the soldier who said that his meeting Netanyahu was encouraging and that he was left with a good feeling.

“I feel sad on one hand because Sunday’s protest deteriorated into violence against the police and against civilians. I do support the demonstration…

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14 thoughts on “Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meets with Ethiopian Israeli soldier Damas Pakada”

  1. israel belong to white jewish people not black from africa it doesnt matter if they are jewish or not they should live in their country in africa. there are jewish in everywhere in the world like in poland france UK USA and many other countrys but they live in their countrys and not in israel.

  2. Britain Rules
    America Ruled
    Israel Ruled.
    A day like a year
    A day like a month
    A day like a week

    Its time for Israel to rule the world now. Then the rest of the Days will be ruled by Antichrist from jerusalem.

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