16 November 2012 Israel’s air defence system detonates rocket from Gaza, mid-air.

47 thoughts on “Israel’s ‘Iron Dome’ intercepts Gaza rocket”

  1. omg. really…. there’s ONE tree in all of Israel, and it just so happens
    to be holding a pinecone in the way of (apparently) the only camera that
    got the shot. Did it ever occur to you, sir, to take half a step forward
    once you realized that there was a pinecone in the way of the shot, or did
    you just not see it?

  2. oh yea, 1948, UN offered 2 state solution, jews accepted, muslims denied, 5
    arab nations attacked israel the next day. Gaza strip is the result of the
    muslims that left israel and joined the arab nations to attack the jews.
    now the arab nations use the gaza refugees for political games. honestly
    how can israel let the gaza people into israel when they fire 1000’s for
    rockets per year when 30% people are under poverty level.. thats like
    letting a prison full of pedophiles into disney world

  3. stop making of yourself naive person. you know very well that this is not
    for racism but for respect to jews for their inventions. the jews gave alot
    to the world

  4. You have better advice to avoid civilian casualties? Especially terrorists
    hiding among them and shoot missiles at your neighborhood?

  5. The truth hurts … Painful … It hurts to see the truth … Lol You’re
    just a joke Israeli state which contributes to the world, more than all the
    Islamic world together.

  6. move where to? I think you missed to part where gaza is completely sealed.
    Hamas is the goverment and thus everywhere, you cannot get away from hamas
    even if you wanted to.

  7. Nope never heard of …when the islamic conquest occured the jews had been
    exiled by the romans since 500 years already…lol go to school kid and let
    the adults talk here, it is serious and complicated matter, you see?

  8. jewish exile? had many …the babylonian exile, egyptiian exile, the roman
    exile, crusader exile but exodus due to arabs never heard about …when did
    that happen ? (for the 2nd time I ask you, who pretend to know so well the
    history of your region lol)

  9. Name one medical invention sooo prominent for the mankind if they are so
    many? White phosphorus maybe? Anyway I wont google your nationalistic porn
    propaganda, unlike you it never makes me come, whatever the country,
    whatever religion.

  10. Niels Bohr: Work on the structure of the atom. Emilio Segre: Nobel Prize
    for his part in the discovery of antiprotons. James Franck:Laws governing
    the impact of the electron on the atom. should i continue and tell you what
    jews gave to the world that you use nowdays?

  11. you asked about medical inventions of jews pal. i gave you many inventions
    and it is not even everything. and i am not a jew i am not pleasing myself
    i am just saying the truth. we should be thankfull to those people

  12. Actually, historical records (not just our own) show that Jews constantly
    inhabited the Land of Israel, even while we were ruled by various empires.
    We were kicked out by the Romans (serves us right, nobody rebels against
    the Romans and gets away with it) and sent into exile, or as we call it,
    the diaspora.

  13. You’re right that U.S. Help funding. (At least Israel does something with
    it that is beneficial to mankind. Entirely. It’s not like the billions that
    the U.S. gives the Islamic world … and getting back only a cock and
    terrorism) But you’re wrong about one thing: This is Israeli technology!
    Not American. (Americans produce a competing product.)

  14. 1. If israel did anything beneficial at all, I truly doubt it was for
    “mankind”. 2. How many billions does israel get to jeopardize world peace
    and the life of millions of jews and natives? 3. The USA would pay for
    developing and displaying a competing product? Makes no sense.

  15. these alledged inventions are “casher” you think, 100% chosen peoples? What
    kind of sick mind could speak about jewish science? A very racist mind,
    fully brainwashed for sure.

  16. Yes they are growing in and outside as well, pain in the as for you I can
    understand, in a couple of decades it means the end of israel as a jewish
    state…but what a relief for the world and the american tax payer! Who
    tought me to hate anybody? You were tought to hate arabs obviously

    THAN EVER IN THIER HISTORY IN THIS REGION :)) how many lies can you
    bullshit to yourself

  18. In your line of reasoning the use of human shields are very very effective.
    And no, Hezbollah cannot hide behind Israeli civilians to use them as human
    shields, because the Jews will be killed instantly the moment Hezbollah has
    the opportunity. Israelis are of no use to them except as targets; they use
    their own people for shields. Yes, Israel values the lives of its own
    people more than others, and why would it not? Would the French government
    value German lives more than the French’s?

  19. The bombing and killing of thousands of Palestinian woman and children is
    a result of Israel’s careful bombing campains. According to you. Gaza
    neighbourhoods where rockets are coming from can be blown to pieces because
    there is a 0.17% chance that a Hamas rocket might land on an Israeli. It is
    simply self defense. According to you. I’m in awe at your ability to
    justify this strange rationale where few outside Israel and the US could.
    But anyhow good luck with that.

  20. arabs are raising within or outside israel…compare with Egypt. Open your
    eyes by terror by seizing the land, water wells, setting checkpoints, walls
    and blockades and your illegal settlement program you are cleaning
    ethnically the west bank from its natives, christians (Hebron) or muslims.
    You are not lying to yourself you know its true, you are lying the world,
    for what purpose?

  21. ” who is diverting here? ” YOU Because we talked about the benefits that
    Israel gives to the world, for the help of the U.S.. All compared to what
    Islamic world gives, for the support of the U.S.. Israel is only 60 years
    old. therefore comparing should be of 60 years. All in a billion and a half
    Muslims against the tiny country of 5 million Jews who are under constant
    threat of another Holocaust. And .. yes .. you hate Jews, therefore you
    hate Israel. You want Jews without a homeland.

  22. You diverts the issues. We’re talking about the U.S. support of Israel,
    against Israel’s return to the world. How many drugs developed Islamic
    world at 60 years, compared to what Israel has developed in 60 years? I
    remind you, the Islamic world is a billion and a half. Israel is the only 5
    million Jews who are under war. Hard to admit the truth, I understand you.
    Wake up. Hatred eats you.

  23. You are saying that…on a video where Hamas is trying to indiscriminately
    bomb an area known to have civilians? Your ignorance amuses me, sir ^^

  24. Actually you got it wrong, Israel sent out flyers where they are gonna bomb
    and they warned people, and the civilians of hamas wont move or listen
    therefore they got killed.

  25. It is the result of them firing rockets at Israel. The problem starts when
    one counts and compares the numbers of casualties on both sides, and
    declare the ones with less hit the victims. I do not care what people
    outside of Israel think. Majority does not mean correctness. I just look at
    the facts and logic. Actually I believe you and most people have a strange
    rationale when it comes to Israel, but good luck with that.

  26. I dont know what you know about war, but innocents are dying in war! yes we
    did, its called a “strategic strike”. while israel targets terrorists,
    hamas/hezbollah, are targeting civilians, I dont hear you condemning that!
    this vote was stupid, has the peace process took a step back! you CANT
    achieve peace through unilateral actions !!!!

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