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Massive hunt underway for gunmen in Paris terror attack…
Europe’s empty churches go on sale…
New issue of jihadist magazine suggests attacks on the United States…

7 thoughts on “Jack Van Impe Presents #1502 (2015-01-10)”

  1. I don't believe that church closings are an indication of a great falling away. You can't fall away from the secret chambers of a person's heart and faith. You are the church, not a church building….LOL!!! The falling away is the departure, the rapture of the church.

  2. The churches closing is going to continue (it's a sign), I think because Christians are afraid to show their  Christian faith, due to persecution. Remember, the deciples  scattered before Christ was crucified, same thing.

  3. Churches on sale is just more proof we are in the last days. The great falling away needs to come before Yeshua comes back. We are in a Shemitah year and as it completes on Elul 29 the financial world will be collapsed or about to collapse it's Gods timing. That puts us on the last 7 years. The Temple will be rebuilt. Probably a trade for 1/2 of Jerusalem!??? The two witnesses will come sometime in the middle of those years when the sacrifices will also be stopped.  I believe that Yeshua will return during the Jubilee Year.  God is giving people time to remember who the creator is and who the liar is. Wake UP People.

  4. For all my fellow Christians out there I would say to you….sell your shirts and buy a sword……if you know what I'm getting at…… Swords are for fighting & war….Hmmm…I some times wonder why Jesus said that or has that in the bible…….I guess were in for something…and here it is.

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