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Prophesied apostasy here now…
7,700 terrorist encounters in the USA in one year…
Russia flexes military muscle in a new way…

10 thoughts on “Jack Van Impe Presents #1646 (2016-11-12)”

  1. Jack isn't being truthful. For the last 8 years he has consistently railed against Obama and calling him the anti-christ. Now Obama is leaving office soon and nothing of all van Impe's false predictions has come true.

  2. Jack is a false prophet. There is no future Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ returned in the 1st century during the Great Harvest at the end of that Jewish age.

    The destruction of Jerusalem with it's was given as a sign of his Return by Jesus Christ to his apostles.

  3. Rexella is 84 years old this month. Amazing. If Jack and my mom dies Rexella, your dating my pops because you are hot for a man his age!

  4. Trump has never and will never "lean on the lord" The irony of a conservative party who always weds its platform to faith, voting for the least religious candidate is delicious. Fortunately, this is the beginning of a trend where zombie Jewish carpenters don't factor into policy decisions.

  5. Sorry to bus your bubbles people these people have been making false prediction for years now go back and do your homework on these two also they r the same people they are talking about when quoted in the Bible as being antichrist or antichrist in nature and accepting the mark it is always wise for people to do there homework to no the kind of people we let feed us information godbless im very knowledgeable in this subject message me if u wanna learn more

  6. @15:10, what she's spewing is totally not true and it's total propaganda. America is not home to the most Christians. The most Christians currently live in Africa. You could even make the case for South America, though I think Africa still nudges them out. Secondly, Muslims don't want to take over America. They want us out of their countries, and more specifically, out of their domestic affairs. They perceive us as an occupying force in their countries. But people would believe this nonsense and accept it as truth without questioning. Smh

  7. What happened to them on TV?? For the last few weeks they are no where to be found are they no longer on TV???

  8. I love that Jesus is coming soon. I have been a viewer of your show and have been open to the fact that my local church ministers put off that information. My faith and curiosity of Christianity started when I was 4 our a little older. I was in a Lutheran church wondering why kids and people who are not Lutheran could not take communion. I knew then that it was not right. I was a Methodist person at age 6 and still currently am. I watched and observed how church was more political, story telling, with nothing biblical and spirit filled. I used to love hearing hymns like the old rugged cross, how great thou art and others. I had asked one of my previous pastors how I can become a Methodist pastor and got turned down. The Methodist church has different pastors every 3 years so I asked the new pastor how to become a minister. She said to get a bachelors degree in anything, and do 3 years of seminary school like she did. I started Liberty University online in 2011and now 5 classes away to finish my bachelors. During my studies I still attended the Methodist church with its new pastors. One of them was a guy with a huge ego. He thought of himself as more blessed and is so special because of his title. He thought of himself higher than the congregation which he said that right to them with out them realizing he was serious. The next pastor who is now the current one only talks about her childhood although she does talk about my favorite sermon about the armor of god. I had asked her how I become a Methodist minister for one of my class writing projects. First I have to be in the church political system, have the name, and pretty much submit myself to be a lukewarm Christian with works over faith, over testimony, and over passion. I have chosen to use my bachelors in Christian religion and have my career be in a non-denominational setting. For what I know now from learning from TV ministers and my college studies I can be part of that renewed Christian movement that brings back God's word to lost people which I am studying now. One thing I find funny is that my Methodist ministers seem to be running out of material because there is no scripture in their sermon. I can wright enough sermons from scripture for hundreds of Saturdays which I choose to do worship. The worst part paganism, Idolatry, and other things I witness along with the ongoing prayer to Mary mother of God. I know that God wants me to tithe my 10% but have not for a very long time. I do not know where to tithe at because everything is more corrupt then what it used to be. I research all places that reach out to people for donations only to find that it funds the corporate people rather than people who need the money, food, place to live, clothing. I believe now more than ever from the word of God corruption, wars, rumors of wars, riots, falling away, signs in the heavens and the earth now at the same time. Could it be between now and some short time after January 20 2017 the Trumpet will sound, Michael will shout, Jesus will appear and finally judgment on all corruption? I sure hope so. I have a pre-existing condition that needs good health insurance to cover it. That's never going to happen even though next year I finally am ordained its going to be difficult. Oh need I mention the grain of rice sized microchip that would revolutionize the medical industry. If I get that implant my medical cost will go down. BS, it is the mark of the beast and hopefully the rapture of the church comes well before that.

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