(c) J.V.I. Ministries – http://www.jvim.com/ – Jack Van Impe Presents (2017-09-30)

This week’s headline: Armageddon

The official Jack Van Impe Ministries Youtube channel can be found at https://www.youtube.com/jackvanimpe

10 thoughts on “Jack Van Impe Presents (2017-09-30)”

  1. Those poor pathetic NK soldiers are so starved & skinny they can't even fill out a shirt. I pray for them to wake up from their brainwashed stupor so maybe they can take out that evil dictator themselves. We don't need to war with KJU they do.Even more I pray Christ returns before any war.

  2. So Jack isn't in his studio anymore but they are just doing the same stuff from their home? GREAT! I thought they were going to go just on radio. I am so pleased. God BLESS Jack and Rexella.

  3. The joy of the Lord is our strength. The bible is a collection of letters. They weren't written with numbered chapters & verses. Jumping around the bible to make false assumptions is wrong.

  4. from studio to the office. Jack isnt doing well. Hopefully he experiences the rapture… for Roxella's sake.

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