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This week’s headline: Sins, Hell, And The Doctrine of Demons…

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10 thoughts on “Jack Van Impe Presents (2017-10-07)”

  1. I am sorry for being comping a Christians i. Have good to kill my self for becoming a a Christian .i want to swallow a n amount of helium that will kill me!

  2. Rest in peace to all of the lives lost in this horrendous attack of pure evil. What about all of the black slaves that were killed and the natives that were killed by White's under early America? I agree in part with Jack but he's just a man. It doesn't matter how many good deeds he's done. The word is the word and generations of hate by all humans including the church is the reason why things are the way they are today as HE said it would be.

  3. Dear Jack, I adore you so much. However, repentance means turning around from DEAD WORKS, and unto belief in Jesus. When you said "promise not to sin in order to receive forgiveness," that is incorrect because it is impossible not to sin…. ITS BELIEF ALONE and no other condition/requirement to receive free eternal life….. salvation is 100% FREE. My "promise to turn a new leaf" is not a requirement for salvation. Please dear Jack, please dont add a fingernail or thumbprint to Jesus' sacrifice, or else salvation will be nullified. I love you Jack so much.. Please Jack, it is BELIEF ALONE……….. LOVE YOU SO MUCH JACK

  4. I love your straight up real deal preaching Jack not many will speak the truth anymore God bless you and your dear wife Rexella

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