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This week’s topic: The Ten Commandments…

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8 thoughts on “Jack Van Impe Presents (2017-11-11)”

  1. I had a vision. The day is coming when people will no longer acknowledge that Lord Jesus is the saviour of the world. What Jack pointed out in the articles is just the beginning. Remember. The removal of the Holy spirit must occur first before that man of sin is revealed. Why would that happen? because humanity would have grieved the Holy spirit. The most serious of all offences is to reject that Lord Jesus is the saviour of the world.

  2. Jack says "God forgive them"… But God can't, because they KNEW what they were doing.
    So stop saying that Jack! LOL 😀 Love you Jack & Rexella. You're looking terrific! Stay strong. We need you💟✝

  3. if the end is near…why does Jack still need $$$$$$$$…hahahahahaha…beware of wolves in Slick satin suits!!!!

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