4 thoughts on “Jerusalem councilman against freeze and fake news”

  1. "Coveting" is breaking a mitzvah, basically a major sin.These people go to bed coveting, they wake up coveting, they involve themselves in all forms of hypocrisy and criminality coveting land. As opposed to living God's holy name which is Peace. These have been some very sad day's for the Jewish nation and Jewish peoples .When is enough ever enough for these "convert" "Fake Jews". The Hebrews of the pre and post prophetic era are extinct, this is fact , so why can't these people learn, realize, live one of God's greatest attributes which is Peace. The land that thy "covet" so much will soon speak.

  2. It's a PR stunt. He's the first PM to build a new locality yosh for 25 years, which is actually just a compensation for Amona residents, so now he's trying to make himself look good for the media.

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