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24 thoughts on “Jihad returns to New York City!”

  1. Armageddon is about 4 Major Events. The White Horse with the Bow is a white missile, that NASA will SEND up.
    The Red Horse with a Great Sword is the STRIKING moment of Impact.
    The Black Horse with the Scales is the Rock SPLITTING into 2 pieces.
    The Yellow Horse with Fire is the SEARING effect from what happens when 1 of those pieces hit the "Fire Plate" near Indonesia and thus tipping up and down the Fire Plate and causing a pumping motion of Lava to shoot up to the skies because of it. It's when it falls you need to worry about.
    Please come see what I found and make sure you read the comments, you'll be glad you did I promise.

  2. another one bites the dust,. another man committed a so called jihad/genocide shooting and killing people who just wants to go to their church and praise God….just because he hates his wife and children and he is a former U.S. soldier…. and what did trump do about this? he just commented negatively and did not do anything that can somehow prevent these people from doing such crimes or even give a strong order to catch these perpetrators….. how about martial law or even a state of EMERGENCY????…….GOD SAVE AMERICA….

  3. Pacifism will never stop the jihadi horde. They will continue to attack unless we finally hold their mosques and religious leaders accontable. Who do you think convinces little kids to strap on bombs and attack the infidels? It's certainly not a Priest!
    Not all mosques need to be destroyed. Just the ones pumping terrorists!

  4. I bet he was a Sunni, these are the ones with this bullshit jihad junk ever since they were taken down from power with Sadden Hussein in which they were the minority and had the majority being the Shias. They have plenty of enemies from Iraq, Iran and India and the USA do to the war in which we removed them from power , for more details check the history of their lives during Sadden H.

  5. Myth,
    Muhammad was a peaceful man who taught his followers to be the same. Muslims lived peacefully for centuries, fighting only in self-defense, and only when it was necessary. True Muslims would never act aggressively.

    There shouldn't be any argument over who the "true Muslim" is because the Quran clearly distinguishes the true Muslim from the pretender in Sura 9 and elsewhere. This is one of the Quran's final chapters and it defines the true believer as one who "strives and fights with their wealth and person" while the hypocrites are those who "sit at home," refusing to join the jihad against unbelievers in foreign lands.

    The reality is that Muhammad organized 65 military campaigns in the last ten years of his life and personally led 27 of them. The more power he attained the smaller the excuse needed to go to battle – until finally he was attacking tribes merely because they were not yet part of his growing empire.

    Aside from the campaigns, Muhammad ordered the murder or execution of over 50 individualsduring a ten-year span, and even the slaughter of several hundred tribesmen in one day. Some of these were elderly people, women and poets slain in their own homes. Apologists bend over backwards to try and dismiss most of the killing as cases of self-defense. In the real world, that defense falls apart after the second or third serial murder, not to mention the 50th.

    After Muhammad’s death, his successor immediately went to war with former allied tribes which wanted to go their own way. Abu Bakr called them 'apostates' and slaughtered anyone who did not want to remain Muslim. Eventually, he was successful in holding the empire together through blood and violence.

    The prophet of Islam's most faithful followers and even his own family quickly turned on each other as well. There were four caliphs (leaders) in the first twenty-five years, each of which was a trusted companion of his. Three of these four were murdered. The third caliph was murdered by those allied with the son of the first caliph. The fourth caliph was murdered in the midst of a conflict with the fifth caliph, who began a 100-year dynasty of excess and debauchery that was truncated in a gruesome, widespread bloodbath by descendants of Muhammad’s uncle.

    Muhammad’s own daughter, Fatima, and his son-in-law, Ali, who both survived the pagan hardship during the Meccan years safe and sound, did not survive Islam after the death of Muhammad. Fatima died of stress from persecution within six months, and Ali was later assassinated by Muslim rivals. Their son (Muhammad’s grandson) was killed in battle with the faction that became today’s Sunnis. His people became Shias. The relatives and personal friends of Muhammad were mixed into both warring groups, which then fractured further into hostile sub-divisions as Islam expanded.

    Muslim apologists, who like to say that is impossible for today's terrorists to be Muslim when they kill fellow Muslims, would have a very tough time explaining the war between Fatima's followers and Aisha to a knowledgeable audience. Muhammad explicitly held both his favorite daughter and his favorite wife as model Muslim women, yet they were invoked respectively by each side in the violent civil war that followed his death. Which one was the "prophet of God" so horribly wrong about?

    Muhammad left his men with instructions to take the battle against Christians, Persians, Jews and polytheists (which came to include millions of unfortunate Hindus). For the next four centuries, Muslim armies steamrolled unsuspecting neighbors, plundering them of loot and slaves, and forcing the survivors to either convert or pay tribute at the point of a sword.

    Some companions of Muhammad lived to see Islam declare war on every major religion in the world in just the first few decades following his death – pressing the Jihad against Hindus, Christians, Jews, Zoroastrians, and Buddhists. There is no record of their objection.

    By the time of the Crusades (when the Europeans began fighting back), the "Religion of Peace" had conquered two-thirds of the Christian world by sword, from Syria to Spain, and across North Africa. Millions of Christians were enslaved by Muslims, and tens of millions of Africans. The Arab slave-trading routes would stay open for 1300 years until pressure from Christian-based countries forced Islamic nations to declare the practice illegal (in theory). To this day, the Muslim world has never apologized for the victims of Jihad and slavery.

    There is not another religion in the world that consistently produces terrorism in the name of God as does Islam. The most dangerous Muslims are nearly always those who interpret the Quran most transparently. They are the fundamentalists or purists of the faith, and believe in Muhammad’s mandate to spread Islamic rule by the sword, putting to death those who will not submit. In the absence of true infidels, they will even turn on each other.

    The holy texts of Islam are saturated with verses of violence and hatred toward those outside the faith, as well as the aforementioned "hypocrites" (Muslims who don't act like religious Muslims should). In sharp contrast to the Bible, which generally moves from relatively violent episodes to far more peaceful mandates, the Quran travels the exact opposite path (violence is first forbidden, then permitted, then mandatory). The handful of earlier verses that speak of tolerance are overwhelmed by an avalanche of later ones that carry a much different message. While Old Testament verses of blood and guts are generally bound by historical context within the text itself, Quranic imperatives to violence usually appear open-ended and subject to personal interpretation.

    From the history of the faith to its most sacred writings, those who want to believe in "peaceful Islam" have a lot more to ignore than do the terrorists. By any objective measure, the "Religion of Peace" has been the harshest, bloodiest religion the world has ever known. In Islam there is no peace unless Muslims have power – and even then.

  6. Armageddon News,
    I am… concerned for your SOUL. 1st I proclaim that you are not guilty… for what man added or took away… from HIS WORD(Deu 4:2 & 12:32; Prov 30:6; Rev 22:18-19).
    But in a previous video, you declared one of the yah(aramaic false moon god: yahweh, jahovah, yeshua, yahoshua, hallelujah, allelujah) names; (King Messiah – His Name Revealed by Armageddon News, posted 28 June 2014) link here:
    Proverbs 30:4 Challenges/Exhorts us as believer's… to find the names of FATHER & SON. JESUS(the Son of God who was also the Son of Adam/man) has been will be & is FOREVER… the name above ALL NAMES: Phl 2:9-10. But JESUS… will be EXALTED in the Millenium as Immanuel/Emmanuel(God/Father with us): Isaiah 7:14, 8:10, 9:6-7; Mt 1:24; Rom 8:31.
    If you Research(Acts 17:10-11)… & Ask Seek Knock(Mt 7:7-8)… the LAMB of GOD will lead you as a child into FATHER'S CHARITY/WILL/PERFECTION(1 Cor 13:8; Heb 6:1; Rev 3:18)… or you as a sheep can continue to go astray in your head knowledge(1 Cor 8:1,; Rom 14:5).
    Here's a link to begin your journey(I saw the Light Commandments in New Covenant Era/Sub Index: What is GOD's Name? Jehovah? Yahweh? Yeshua? Jesus?) :

    FATHER draws us… in CHARITY(mercy & grace… for HIS NAME & MERCIES sake) the SAVIOUR/LIVING WORD lifts us up to FATHER… in prayer(ADVOCATE: 1 Jn 2:1) Jn 6:44. HIS SPIRIT sets apart & guides us into ALL TRUTH(Son/SAVIOUR): 1 Jn 2:27. This WORK IS FINISHED!!! Trust No Man… TRUST FATHER'S CHARITY(1 Cor 13:8): Psalms 118:8 'It is better to trust in the LORD(Immanuel/Emmanuel) than to put confidence in man.' Our little mustard seed 'faith worketh by HIS CHARITY(FATHER'S CHARITY… Our SAVIOUR: AGAPE: G26)' Gal 5:6b. Apart from this… we can do NOTHING!!! Jn 15:5

    Finally, I am who I am by HIS MERCY & GRACE which were bestowed upon me: 1 Cor 15:10 & proclaim HIS FINISHED WORK… Rom 1:16 Berean Literal Bible(Biblehub) 'For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God(Immanuel/Emmanuel/FATHER/CHARITY) unto salvation(JESUS/SON/SAVIOUR/LIVING WORD) to everyone believing(by SPIRIT that Sets Apart/GUIDE/COMFORTER)–both to Jewish first, and to Greek.'

    Grace & Peace Be unto ALL, who call upon JESUS(Rom 10:9-10 & 13);

  7. The enemies are all those we are not allowed to criticize,they use media as justification to try to remove Trump November 4th as they kickoff their revolution. They are trying to convict Trump by accusations, and innuendos in the minds of the public. The leftist, Republicrats, and globalist plans in action, the bombs of the left are lies, ours are the truth. The bullets are ideas, welcome to war in the 21st century, it's for the mind, if you control the head, you control the body! This is nothing more than military protocol in the political arena. In every military theater, they always follow the following war plan, now I'm making it simple here, but it's application is universal and applies to every construct. Remember war starts in the minds first, before any plan moves forward, It goes as follows….. gain Air superiority. (Contol the skies or airwaves) Take out supply lines.( cut off their funding) Take out communications. ( Take away the enemies ability to share ideas, or information) Hit high value targets. (Go after precieved leadership) Decrease mobility. (Don't let the enemies roam freely or assemble) Take out the enemies ability to mobilize and resist.(This is why they created ANTIFA, BLM, rev com, ISIS and others, create the threat of violence and racial divisions ) Create shock and awe, hit the enemies from multiple fronts. (This is why so much scandal, accusations, innuendos, and fraud is going on) Take out pockets of resistance. (This would be, to ban guns, attack patriots, and gun owners that refuse to disarm. Again, I made it simplistic, but it's application is accurate. Keep in mind the DOD plans a nationwide blackout November 4th-6th claiming its a drill.

  8. The Muslims say, “ Islam does not teach us to kill.” Now the truth from the Quran:

    Quran (2 : 191-193) – "And kill them wherever you find them, and turn them out from where they have turned you out. And Al-Fitnah [disbelief or unrest] is worse than killing… but if they desist, then lo! Allah is forgiving and merciful. And fight them until there is no more Fitnah [disbelief and worshipping of others along with Allah]

  9. Remember the most blasphemous book on Earth is the quran look wat Is doing to mankind 🙇 come to the beloved Almighty God of all flesh Jesus of Nazareth Almighty God of Israel forever and forever more 🙌

  10. Sorry, but there were many indicators that this man was dangerous. The mosque he attended wss also under surveillance. I agree we cannot allow our hearts to hate, but these people (many of them anyway) will not repent. This makes them the enemies of God. That makes them enemies of the Body of Christ…that's us, Bible believing, Holy Spirit filled Christians. What would King David of ancient Israel have done if attacked like this? What would have been his response? We CANNOT and MUST NOT allow our enemies to just come in and wantonly kill us without even an attempt at defending ourselves. Christ did NOT command us to allow ourselves to be slaughtered en masse. And yes, I am a Bible believing Christian. God Bless.

  11. I live in NYC and was in the area a few hours before this happened. That is a compact area where he drove over the people. Nothing but joggers and bikers and people walking. Crashed across the median and hit a school bus full of children.

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