Paul Joseph Watson gets the last laugh, or sigh, with Donald Trump, as the truth about last night in Sweden is revealed.

Journalist Forced to Leave Migrant Suburb in Sweden After Being Followed by Masked Men

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30 thoughts on “Journalist In Sweden Gets Removed From No Go Zone”

  1. The Swedes seem willing to literally sacrifice their daughters on the alter of political correctness . They seem to have been castrated by the feminists who run the country .

  2. There are several places in Sweden that are infected with Islamist gangs. Just as bad is the financial and structural load that supporting 100s of thousands of Islamists causes in Sweden. The Swedish government is destroying the society that pays their salary. I live in Sweden.

  3. If you want to know why there's islamic monkeys and african monkeys in the west search Barbara Spectre and Steve Gutow in Youtube.

  4. You know, when that insane comercial comes at the end, I have a real hard time putting my trust in this channel. And how can those kind of comercials speak to anyone but Americans? The way the comercial guy talks gives me the creeps and reduces trust level to a bottom 0 %. I thought those kind of comercials were only in movies, as parodies of US comercials. Little did I know they portraited the truth; American comercials are really strange.

  5. 2 + 2 = 5
    Sweden is utopia, no harm can come to you.
    Third world sava…I mean migrants are enriching your culture.
    Look how vibrant the riots…I mean food is.
    Pure mental gymnastics. How the fk do the Swedes do it?

  6. It's like that video where they give some anti-police people some police scenario exercises about correct gun use.
    Afterwards they can only fully agree by saying "wow, this is really hard and intense".
    I don't think these people are genuinely stupid, they're just blind and don't know what the hell they're talking about.

  7. there should be no crickets , the evidence that sweden and europe were invaded by islam is all over youtube , it's been since 2015 , there's an imam that is calling for sharia law , converting christians into terrorists, and saying on youtube they're there to take over europe the left knows this its all part of a new world order that is not a conspiracy theory , trump needs to show the american public the videos on youtube of what's happening over there and they've been vowing that the u.s.a. is next……

  8. I want to see what happens if a woman walks around in that area by herself. Let Tim Pool figure that one out, or a brave woman who sees this comment. I want a woman to walk around these "No go areas" with a camera of course, and I want to see how these people react. Naturally if Tim Pool's camerawoman for instance was to do this, the men could follow a few feet behind her but I'm very curious to see what would happen. I would do it if I could go to Sweden but that's not an option at the moment.

  9. While the Swedes have no go zones for themselves America is one huge NO-GO zone for radical Islamic terrorists. If we find you we will imprison you and teach you a lesson or deport you. Yeah for sovereignty!

  10. but it's your paid idiot, I hate this arrogant dickhead. Hate muslims anyway because they are regressive bastards like you.

  11. I watched the full video and I would recommend to him he should buy the Spynet Sunglasses for $50. I used them before it was gift I asked for my birthday years ago. The sunglasses have a built in hidden camera above the bridge of your nose. It has I think 3 buttons on the side, (My friend borrowed my sunglasses once and never returned them or paid for a new one after he told me his sister dropped juice on it.) But one the buttons is a recording button and the other is a snapshot. It can record 20 mins of video and 2000 images. I only used it a few times, but it doesn't have the best volume when I was recording if I remember correctly.
    The sunglasses have a USB port on the temples (the side of glasses) the information is stored there and you upload the information on your PC. And then get back out there and record more video and snapshots.

  12. what the hell!! Europe is the fatherland. If shit goes down in America or anywhere else that ethnic Europeans are living, and we can't go home to Europe. ..we're screwed! We need to help the fatherland ASAP! America is for all races, but Africa is the fatherland for ethnic Africans. That is their fallback. .Europe IS OURS!

  13. It's well known there are "migrant problems" in sweden since they decided to do what Obama decided to do here (only more complicated and ..well, stupid) – it's amazing that they try to cover up the no-go zones in Sweden, Germany, France – give me a break. There's so much video evidence out there now, as well as testimony from 1. citizens 2. cops 3. migrants themselves who aren't out for blood.

    They have no idea the power that's pointed at their asses right now. They think they're real tough – it's like they think they're untouchable, but the government's of those countries and the EU are not going to be enough when this comes to a head and they're purged, and the more they act like animals the sooner their ends are going to come.

    I want to see the people of Germany, Sweden, Britain, France, and those places take their countries back, just like us here in the USA. Be on board with the righteous side – slaughter of innocents and terrorism is never okay, so regardless of why they're doing their mindless violence, and how they try to justify it, it doesn't. It doesn't legitimize any of their vile actions and there's a lot of GOOD people who are willing to stand against their oppressive bullshit.

  14. I live in Denmark and we have the same problem with immigrants as sweden but sweden is all but fallen to the muslim invaders and wIll soon breake up into to countries. They were to slow to realize the danger and the goverment to greedy so now sweden will be the first country to fall and accept foreign ideologi to rule their land and terrorise their woman and children

  15. I watched one of Tim Pool's Swedish videos and it was organised Swedish propaganda but now he's found out the hard way. The Swedish Government and media are liars. Check out the video ''Multiculturalism in Sweden'' which was made before police officers were silenced by the Government. They are under permanent attack from the immigrants who grow stronger and bolder and more violent by the day. Sweden is dying.

  16. is this what we want in the west to? keep these 3rd world invaders out. please send them all back. return europe to Europeans and leave the west to Christian based values in the name our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ I pray.

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