2017 UK Championship Round 3
Judd Trump v Graeme Dott

19 thoughts on “Judd Trump v Graeme Dott R3 UK Championship 2017”

  1. Must question Trump's temperament. OK. he had awful bad luck in potting the black, [twice!] FR3 but after that, he completely disintegrated. Very disappointing…
    Dott- Current ranking‎: ‎30 (as of 27 November 2017); yes, he played a great game but no, he's not brilliant.

  2. Final frame looked like trump was going to cry like a little school girl 😂😂😂 he got his ass spanked good job Dot mate 👍

  3. trump played really well first 2 frames. 3rd frame unlucky to knock the black in. besides that dott played really well. congrats to him

  4. After trump was crushed by Ronnie in shanghai final..Trump couldnt recover from this yet and from there onwards it continually declining for him

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