Will America ever recover from President Obama’s immoral legacy? Find out with guest Bill Koenig on television’s “Christ in Prophecy.”

19 thoughts on “Koenig on the Obama Legacy”

  1. He must not have been happy when at a prayer breakfast he had nascars Darryl Waltrip and he got up and said if you don't know Christ as saviour your a sinner and need to repent. Not exact words but close.

  2. What a great show this is, I wish it was at least two hours long! Hopefully an updated show will come of this..

  3. No, my Christianity never espouses the evil I am hearing from Reagan and Koenig's mouths. Twisting reality to fit a specific hateful agenda of misinformation and offensive disgusting interpretation of morals!! Like Pastor Kevin Swanson spewing lies that parents seek to make their kids transgender by age 20, and promote Communism!! Your evil was made known to you by Jesus, Leading others astray, kids! Your fixation, repeated ignorant mistakes is a level of insanity you cycle into your bubble of self perpetuated lies!!

  4. Great interview! Any chance of a part II to go into more detail? It's a topic we're all fascinated with. Amazing how the people elected a man who hated the country he represented.

  5. I waited so eagerly waited for this interview. Thank you so much for bringing him. Looking forward to read his book.

  6. I'm sorry to blunt about his.. but I have always questioned the LGBT people… before I was evena born again Christian…why a man exchanges a vagina for an anus an unnatural thing…and women who use artificial devices like men parts to please their woman partners.. It befuddles me how they simply cannot see how confused and mixed up they are and how perverted and wrong this is…my goodness…Come Lord Jesus, your children so want to go home to be with you…Can't wait to be in Heaven with my brethren who are like minded.. oh what a joyful day that will be.. God bless you all – Agape, Maranatha!

  7. What's with all the visits to the Ant-Arctic now? This is a mystery to many of us…After all this time… why Obama, Kerry, some Orthodox priest from Russia.. the Pope… what's going on?

  8. As the one candidate I see as the future ac….his job was to do exactly what he has accomplished in 8 yrs in OUR white house….end time Bible prophecy unfolding as we speak…

  9. i work with 3 gay/lesbian people with about 17 other people and i am the only christian that i know of. It is very hard to work with them as they are quick to point my sins even knowing they had no idea for 3 weeks and were fine with me. Im keen for the millennium lol

  10. If there has ever been a good candidate for the 'son of perdition' it's Barack Obama… But only the Rapture will reveal if the suspicions of many is completely True or not…. Until then, we can only see through the glass darkly….

  11. Albert Einstein said insanity is defined as doing something the same way repeatedly while expecting a different outcome. That being said, how can we educate our children under the auspices of a social/liberal agenda and at the same time expect to reclaim our national heritage? I don't get it folks!

  12. Dave is usually pretty reserve but in this episode you can tell this topic is pretty irritating to him. He can barely contain himself. It's tough watching the distruction of our country that's for sure. Thank you for all your efforts and hard work CiP!

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