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14 thoughts on “Live YouTube: Israel Under Attack! U.S. Plans Betrayal at United Nations, a must hear!”

  1. the american people are sick of wars for zionist israel. check out brother nathanael channel as he exposes how jewish neocons plan to keep us in permanent wars throughout the world. jewish neocons who are sinking their fangs into christian russia. how these vampires played a huge role in sending gentile youth to their death in the war for israel in iraq. Americans are sick of this israel pushing us around. sorry Scofield reference people, but your dispensationalism garbage only goes bqck less than 200 years, just because John darby gets to invent his own version of christianity doesn't make it true , qnd if you examine the facts you will see that it's israel who is causing all of the problems in the middle east, not Syria or iran. these videos are very dishonest I suggest viewers shoot over to brother nathanael page and watch his video entitled christian zionism exposed it will be worth your time. I'll go with the orthodox church , the first and oldest church any day over evangelical zionist televangelist churches with their left behind or blood moon moneymaking horse crap
    have a nice day

  2. The only end days are the ones we create ourselves.
    Climate change it is not God I am afraid. It is simply our ignorance and arrogance. We have allowed corporations to suck this planet dry. And where was God? Nowhere.
    God will not save us.
    What if you are wrong? What if we nuke ourselves and there is no afterlife? Can you truly waste your life and the love of humanity and helping this world, and find out tour wrong and it just ends. ?

    Are you ready for the world to end?not by God. .. but by man.
    We have one planet. We have no where else to go.
    We will not be ascended into heaven. I am afraid history has deceived you. These books were written by men, not the holy spirit, not god not prophets, but men. Men with goals and ambitions. Men who wanted control.

    We cannot sit idly by waiting for a saviour. The saviour is each and every one of you. Help every human on this earth forget religion and do good things.
    And if God does exist, you will have done good. You will have helped others. And you will have fought for all humanity. I think if he is all forgiving he will understand.

  3. I understand there all 1 God but when we are in heaven will we see God the father and jesus 2 figures? Or just jesus?

  4. According to your understanding moshe would be part of a godhead as well, GOD told moshe he would be a god (eloheem) to pharaoh. A literal reading of the hebrew in genisis shows somethimg more amazing and deep than what John 1:1 says mabey eloheem has a different meaning than godhead a 3 in 1 or father son holyspirit

  5. Does this have anything to do with the new checkpoints sprouting about in Israel in preps for the pushing forward to internationalize Jerusalem?

  6. Sister Anita, If I got down with my face to the floor…… I would need some serious help getting up. I haven't been able to kneel when I pray due to disabled condition.
    Glory to God

  7. President Carter was first to say publicaly that Iseral had over 150 nuclear weapons.  He also let the cat out of the bag about our secret plane SR-71.

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