Infowars reporter Rob Dew analysis the Oct 13th press conference from LVPD where no questions were answered and the public was told to shut up and listen.

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12 thoughts on “LVPD Sheriff Visibly Shaking And Choking Up As Vegas Massacre Coverup Continues”

  1. Saudi Princes arrested and 30 billion seized. They financed ISIS, Clintons, Obama and 911 involvement. The shit will now roll back to take down Clintons and Obama. The Saudi's did the shooting in VEGAS and our law enforcement is hiding his fact. This is an ACT OF WAR. Our govt. and FBI is lying to us.

  2. when the fbi agent takes the podium, what the Sheriff's reactions…he stares at the flag of his state, and at the flag of the United States of America, and then. has a noticible neck jerk reaction to the fbi agents comments comments. He knows the statements aren't true, and so he probabably feels as if he needs to throw up, but swallows his own vomit. Where are the continuing updates from the Sheriff's department, FBI, or mainstream media? The worst shooting in American history has disappeared from your television news reports. Where are the investigative reporters demanding answers? They don't exist anymore, the communists have bought your "mainstream news outlets" off. You can't get the truth anymore from the "nightly news" or the government , because after 911, Bush made it legal for the government to feed you with bullshit reports from the cia without telling you that's where it was coming from….HELLO COMMUNISM

  3. They are prob holding his family hostage… otherwise, what cop would cry on camera about a crime he has no personal connections to??? Anyone?

  4. Who are you covering for, Agent Rouse, the Louse? The Mossad? Rouse, you are a snake. You are forcing this man to betray his office!

  5. A good question would be to Sheriff Lombardo
    why not one single shot from any Police officer who where at the scene was fired at the 32th floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel itself ???
    Try to explain that but with a logical understandable reason.
    Because you can't there was not one single shot fired from the Mandalay Bay hotel.
    Now it looks very strange that not one shot has been fired by any policeofficer towards the Mandalay Bay hotel itself, alltough the Police department knew right from the start were the shooting came from.
    Long before the shooting was ended there were a lot of officiers with drawn assualt rifles just in front of the hotel at the roadcrossing.
    Now at least you may expect that they trespond to the gunfire at the 32th floor to prevent the shooter of further shooting.
    Nobody knew at that time how many shooters where there and how long it would take to take the situation . Consider also that at that moment there are still thousands of people in direct lifedanger
    Not one police departement can't or may take such a risk , NO WAY LOMBARDO.
    They had right away respons to the gunfire there were enough policemen with also assaultrifles at the scène at least to prevent gunman from further shooting.
    Or was it that they were afraid to do some harm to other windows at the MandalayBay ??
    It make no sense at all.
    And also in this intervieuw it is nu mentioned, VERY STRANGE.
    When the meaning of this event is with the intention to take the guns from the people and not one Policemen has no gudge to shoot anymore, from whom else can they claim their right for protection ?
    How convenient is this for the Sheriff
    Not one reporter ask this question untill now .
    How is that possible ???Are they all stupid or is all the media umder control including the so called streamingmedia ??? Could that be the case ?

  6. Why does this come under the jurisdiction of the FBI? Shouldn’t it be under the sheriffs? If it’s a lone shooter than surely it’s under the LVPDs remit to deal with this investigation…unless the weapons were brought over state lines or the attack was orchestrated across state lines and/or foreign borders. Not much up on jurisdiction in matters like this, just don’t know why the FBI is so heavily involved. If so, why didn’t the FBI conduct the press conference.?

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