Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crashes over Ukraine A Malaysian Airlines passenger plane has been shot down on the Russian-Ukraine border in an ‘act of terror…

43 thoughts on “Malaysia Airlines flight MH 17 crashes in Ukraine – Full first Clip”

  1. it was just some of propaganda that created by some people to make
    malaysian think that russia is bad. everybody knows that russia and
    malaysia have been in a good relationship for a long period.and now they
    want to create a propaganda. because they know that russia has a good
    relationship with muslim countries.and also to make us forget about what is
    happening to Gaza..its just my opinion

  2. a spanish traffic control agent at kiev airport said two fighter jets from
    the ukranian army were following the plane just before it crashed, 30
    minutes later the police showed up at the traffic control tower and
    threatened the workers not to leak any information. unfortunately, this
    guy’s twitter account was deleted, but be sure to WAKE UP people! 

  3. Given the fact that America was behind 9/11, the Gulf of Tonkin, the
    attempted sinking of the USS Liberty, the Oklahoma bombing, etc., it is not
    beyond the pale that the murderers behind the White House would slaughter
    passengers on a Malaysian plane. Why?? To blame Russia for foiling their
    plans to rob all of Ukraine and isolate the nation further. Why would the
    plane fly over a war zone where planes had been shot down and both sides
    had the missiles to shoot most anything out of the sky?? My, what a
    coincidence. Who stands to gain from this? Hmmm.

  4. I don’t think is was Surface to Air, I think it was Air to Air or a
    Pre-Planted Bomb. Surface to Air would be hard to hide. Air to Air would be
    quick if you had close range nobody would know. If it was Pre-Planted they
    would of had load the explosive on board in Amsterdam risky, seems more
    plausible it was Air to Air at close range from Ukrainian Military.

  5. They had prior knowledge that this was a war zone. Why would they think
    that it’s okay for a plane full of innocent people to fly that close to
    that area? They should charge the people who approved the flight plan with

  6. American like to contradict, evident pointing the finger at pro -Russian
    used Russian Missiles in Russian held territory and killed innocent women
    and children in the plane..yes blame is on Russia action but yet USA
    sided with Jude soldiers used American militarily equipments killing
    innocents women and children in Palestinian and U.N and USA say nothing and
    Arab league brothers do nothing?????!!!
    Congratulation people !!!!!!!

  7. Just be honest with yourselves, please. 300 people are dead. It was in
    insurgent controlled territory, Strelkov, the FSB commander of the
    so-called “pro-Russian” militia posted on his Vkontakte page that they had
    shot down a plane and even used the amateur video that showed the
    destruction — the post was deleted. A few weeks ago, DPR rebels tweeted
    photographs of Buk Missile Launchers that they captured from the Ukrainian

    We now have intercepted calls between Cossack paramilitary brigades and
    Russian security services discussing the attack — your position on this is
    not defensible.

    It’s mass-manslaughter. The Russian-sponsored rebels thought it was a
    troop carrier and recklessly shot it down — direct or indirect — it was an
    act of terrorism. And now, observers and inspectors aren’t able to get to
    the wreckage site because these drunk slobs aren’t allowing them full

    It’s blatantly obvious.

  8. World, we are so sorry. Need to stop crazy Russians. And these people in
    the plane died for our freedom. We will not forget it. Ever.
    Rest in Peace.

  9. How do we know Russia is destroying evidence? Proof? Are any of us there to
    know this? Our press feeds us so much propaganda.

  10. could it be that Ukraine did this so that they could have the support of
    the international community?its just a question

  11. Whoever pressed that fire button on that BUK SAM launcher is either
    untrained or just a sick evil motherfucker that shot at anything that moved
    and hence a passenger plane being slower than a military plane.
    Unfortunately it was an easy hit for those bastards who took out 298
    innocent people that are nothing to do with this fucking war! Although
    having said that, the 50% fault is also the pilot because he KNEW that it
    was a restricted area that he was routed through and he KNOWINGLY flew into
    the area where these moronic monsters had and were using these weapons to
    destroy Ukrainian fighter planes and cargo military planes in the area.

    He could have asked for an alternative path AWAY from the DANGER ZONE. But
    the pilot took a gamble and this is the result. Those BUK anti-aircraft
    missiles have a range up to 74.000ft which is over double the height of
    what MH17 was flying at. I know for certain that I will NEVER fly with
    Malaysia Airlines under any circumstances. But I have some advice to Putin
    and Russia if it was one of their pro-Russian goons. I would advise that
    Putin should trial the perpetrator responsible for this catastrophe and
    sentence the goon to the maximum penalty under Russian law as well as air
    the trial on world television.

  12. reported this video for bad thumbnail, this video doesn’t have the evidence
    as the thumbnail was believing me to be.

  13. The Ukrainian rebels and gun nuts have a lot in common….

    They are heavily armed.

    They think it is their right with no restrictions whatsoever.

    They lie and deny.

    They shoot first and ask questions later.

    They blame it on a conspiracy theory.

  14. I will be deeply saddened and disappointed with the world if they end up
    not figuring out who did this becuase of a petty war over who speaks what
    language. Which would mean that somebody, somewhere got away with murdering
    300 people.

  15. Putins (puTLERS) Presidential Plane flew over the same area 30 minutes

    The Colour Scheme is about the same! Wrong Plane?

  16. I had a thought.The photo that was taken by the dutch man of the plane
    before takeoff showed the serial number on the door i believe.I suggest
    somebody go to the airport where mh17 flies from to see if the plane that
    is currently flying as mh17 has the same serial number on the door.If it
    does,then it was mh370 that was shotdown.Not really too hard to prove

  17. On 19 July 2014 Andriy Lysenko, the spokesman of the National Security and
    Defense Council of Ukraine announced to the press that the Russian
    militants removed 38 bodies from the crash site in order to extract from
    the bodies exploded parts of the rocket used to shoot the plane and destroy
    the evidence.

  18. So everything at the crash sight is burnt rubble except for the passports
    that look brand new as if just pulled out of the box. Hmmm… 

  19. I would like to propose that all countries get together and give each of
    the victims family 2 million US dollars in compensation and give Malaysian
    Airlines enough money to replace their plane.


  21. Ukraine is becoming another Bosnia/Herzegovina. Lot’s of crazy people with
    guns and, in this case, missiles.

  22. why the black box (recorder airplane) took by russia??its belong to us..we
    need the box to prove who is the terrorrist

  23. …another atrocious deed that makes the humankind a senseless monster and
    Malaysian Airline management, guilty of negligently flying over a volatile
    area… sympathy to families of the deceased and may the perpetrators of
    this ghastly deed rot in hell

  24. This is no simple act of act of terrorism this plane was shot down for an
    agenda, for a purpose by powerful choreographers of war and corporate
    control,it didn’t just happen it most likely was planned just like 9/11 a
    false flag to rally global support of war. And just like 9/11 the true
    criminals will never be prosecuted or brought to justice..such a sad
    uneducated world to believe the corporate illusionists on a daily basis!

  25. I do not believe the plane was shot down. a long shot would be mechanical
    failure and it could happen but probably not. it is very easy to get high
    explosives on board especially in stored baggage. muslims know that and we
    all know that is what happened. who else would be so heartless as to kill
    so many innocent people. if they could have access to the airframe (never
    will happen) you would find that a muslim planted a bomb on the plane.
    maybe I am wrong. I would like to know if there are any muslims who would
    disagree with me. Christians do not hate people that bad unless they are
    mentally ill. there is no other explanation. if you see it in a different
    way, I want to hear why anyone else would just kill 300 people just for the
    hell of it.

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