Malaysia Airlines Shot Down MH 17 Plane Crash in Ukraine 2014 | How Can Rebels Shoot Down A Plane? Malaysia Airlines Shot Down MH 17 Plane Crash in Ukraine 2014 | How Can Rebels Shoot Down…

47 thoughts on “Malaysia Airlines Shot Down MH 17 Plane Crash in Ukraine 2014 | How Can Rebels Shoot Down A Plane?”

  1. Malaysian Airline planes look like Putin’s one. They thought they were
    aiming Putin’s private jet.

    DOCUMENTS !!!?!?!?!?!?

    Shit sorry I just cant stop laughing … .I feel sick that there is
    actually going to be FAKE AUSTRALIAN FAMILIES that say they lost someone !!!
    HOW QUICKLY the sheeple’s heart-strings were pulled on this one..
    I fucking feel sick.. and the trickery and FALSE FLAG ATTACK .. that has
    just occurred again !!!!
    To send OUR AUSSIE DEFENCE !!!!!! Force into another fake WAR fighting the
    WRONG enemy !!!!!
    NO FUCKING PLANE !!!! AGAIN !!!!!!!

  3. 1 A BUK missile shot down out a Ukrainian AN-26 military cargo plane 7 /14
    2. M 17 was downed over the heart of rebel territory
    3. M 17 hit by missile
    4. Rebels had bragged of having BUKs – BUKs spotted
    5 BUK can acquire target at 12.5 miles – not far.
    Just the facts,

  4. hows this for a conspiracy. Israeli computer hackers exploited the
    capabilities of an active BUK as a false flag op to take attention away
    from war with Hamas. What a joke, the whole world will suffer now. Lame.
    But peace anyways…

  5. Maybe it’s time to think about your brain? Answer simple questions. And
    maybe you will understand who is to blame. Whose manager corrected flight
    of Boeing? Who rejected the path of the aircraft in a combat zone? Who has
    armed artillery and aircraft, capable of hitting a target at an altitude of
    10,000 kilometers? Who drew conclusions about the incident before the
    arrival of any commission? Who distributed the militia talks on the same
    day when the plane was shot down? And why this video was installed even the
    day before the tragedy? Who benefits blame the Russian militia and the
    Donbass, not yet having no any information about the results of the
    investigation? It’s time you see the light.

  6. Don’t blame us, ukrainians, for this tragedy. We were peacefull nation
    before Putin came here. And yet we cannot fight on our own against Moscow.
    We are relatively small.
    Let’s wait until black boxes were examined.

  7. Why doesn’t Ukrainian Air Traffic Control release the tapes of
    conversations between Malaysian plane and air traffic controllers from Kiev
    directing the flight? That would tell much, but they are being kept from
    public as Putin is blamed again for crash in Ukraine. The gangster Kiev
    regime can’t be trusted anymore than western media outlets can.

  8. If it is true, that Putins plane was only minutes behind and on a similar
    course, there is a question:
    Why should the aeroplane carrying the russian president fly over donbass,
    when the russians know, that there are 27 buk-systems of the
    No professional security would do that and I think, the security of the
    russian president must be one of the best, can’t believe they do this.

    Except the russian presidential jet has systems to neutralize rockets, but
    I don’t believe this too. ;)

  9. Intresting thing is that Putin’s plane witch was going from Brazil to
    Russia was 30mins behind MH 17 Plane i think NATO shot down wrong plane.

  10. Putin has lost control over these crazy vodka drinking separatists who are
    merely a bunch of criminels! Boycot Putin and Russia until he solves the
    problem! And cancel the World cup in football in Russia in 2018!

  11. Suppose the rebels shot it down. 1) Evidence giving 100% confidence, will
    have to exist 2) If they did it obviously was an accident, an accident to
    condemn, but not to spill more blood about 3)what happened with the
    American marines who shot that Iranian plane back in the 80’s? Why the
    severity is different. You English speaking people just never learn. I
    guess that’s how you build up an empire, with people who just never learn
    and keep following.

  12. This is not a deliberate act rather a mistake I guess. Therefore, it is
    highly chance that the rebels have done it by misunderstanding the plane.
    Using such sophisticated system Russia can’t do this thing. A commercial
    plane is easily identified by radar as its transponder constantly sends

  13. This is a Horrid Tragedy! The Pilot never knew that they were about to
    hit and killed. These Russian Terrorist are just as bad as Al Qaeda!
    They just plane don’t care! And if Anyone is found and made to be tried
    and convicted, there is about a 80% chance that person may have had nothing
    to do with it! YEAH Russia does That! They have for Decades! So I
    believe that GOD will be the one to Judge the Guilty in This! I am
    Praying for the Families of those Lost! There were also Babies that were
    victims in this Horrid Crash! Peace Be Unto You All and GOD Bless!
    Jane. PS, And I believe that Putin was totally aware in This!

  14. I feel sad for the innocent lives lost just as I did for the innocent
    victims in Srebrenica. Same sad loss Holland.

  15. Security Service of Ukraine=SSU involved to the tragedy,because they posted
    russian version video, which was rendered at July 16th 19:50 and the plane
    crashed July 17th at 17:30-17:50, the difference is almost 21hour.You can
    check by yourself.Copy and paste on youtube search without quotes
    “Переговоры террористов о сбитом Боинге 777 в Торезе Boeing 777 in Tores”
    and download it through Internet Download Manager and check it by
    MEDIAINFO.RUSSIA is not involved to the tragedy.

  16. not a solution of mutual accusations
    but because they are selfish and pride
    russia and ukraine war is a war of good blind that separatism is also
    does not have a strategy and code of ethics as a sissy
    heroes of cowards who are afraid in attacking the enemy
    due to its killing of innocent civilians

    actual, the enemy is fear
    not with the aircraft firing blind pig
    true hero is sacrificed in battle
    not mengorban the lives of the innocent


  17. Both sides have BUK systems, One of them eager to involve other into the
    WAR. IF it is Russia who shot MH17 down, why Ukraine is non-Flight-zone
    now, not Russia? Why whould Russia shoot down civilian plane? To set up the
    rebels? Why would rebels do it. To set themself up? Please, don’t
    underestimate russian weapons, you can say cleary if it’s civilian plane. 

  18. “piece together what happened”….isn’t it obvious by now what the fuck
    happened? about start focusing on finding out who did this

  19. How long the Western losers like French and Germany who are pussies will
    suck RasPutin’s dick -those ladyboys’ nations sacrificed their own citizens
    to please Russia-they have no balls,no honor, they are women,dogs, cowards
    -Putin bought them like cheap whores-what a shame!!!!

  20. What I see spiritually is, the worlds spiritual blindness taking part in
    ways of error, leading to death, while Satan laughs from afar: What I mean
    is, how is it they brought donuts to one side and guns to the other,
    bringing donuts to those who overthrew the Setting President,
    thereby dividing and destabilizing the Country, replacing him with one
    who, in demonstration, hates Russians, in the spirit of America; that they,
    in their way of being, in spiritual blindness, sent guns to east
    Ukraine instead of Donuts, not to give assurances of peace in love, but
    choosing to go the way of peace through the gun. What you have is those
    loyal to the original ousted President, recognizing the truth of the
    injustice of how he was overthrown, defending themselves, in truth, in the
    fear of death, fearing what they saw and heard, and in the fear of ethnic
    cleansing they are so familiar with in the region. So we have people loyal
    to the elected President, who fear those in Kiev who took over, hearing
    their rhetoric and seeing the truth of how others have been killed in their
    using the military against civilians; that they are defending their homes
    from people who openly said the hate them, where we also the US and Kiev
    trying to do what they feel is right in the ways of the world, forcing
    others to go their way, using ways of fear, as we do to our children as to
    keep them in line. But this way is the “way of death” when it meets Pride,
    and is that of the “Spirit of error” spoken of in the bible: the operation
    of people in spirits of being which are unloving towards others, being in
    the spirit of error, in not going the ways of preserving life, where
    deliverance of the spirits is in facing the Truth that bad spirits of error
    are not manifested. The spirit of error is where the spirits of our actions
    come to anger and anxiety when frustrations rise, in lack of patience,
    because others are not worshiping us, because of fear or Pride, going the
    way we want, where one then acts in arrogant Pride to force people to go in
    the way we want, physically or spiritually, even in a way that may
    eventually lead to death, causing fear in others which they overcome in
    either the passion of love protecting their families or by blinding Pride,
    in the spirit of Doubt. This plane was over those who were in fear and
    doubt sown by others, fearing bombs being dropped upon their families; that
    they are seeking to prevent death; that they may fear those who may
    be blind in Pride from achieving that which is expected of others acting in
    Pride. So we see the spirit of error manifest in the death of innocent
    lives in a war started when the blinding unloving spirits of Error, which
    robs us of peace, life, love and happiness, is manifested: those spirits of
    being; that spirit of Pride, Fear, Doubt, Envy and Covetousness, Those
    spiritually bound in ways of being, being deceived in the spirits of Satan
    to go into the spirit of error, in denying the truth of love on some level,
    even as it was with Jesus, where the Pharisees, blind in their Pride of
    being in a high office, fearing the Romans, unable to see the spiritual
    truth of Jesus in his way being in the way of the Father’s love; that
    they went the way of death using sneaky ways of fear, in the spirit of the
    Romans to crucify him. The way of Jesus is the only way because the only
    way is the way of love. Where the Bible is telling us, even in the Garden
    in seeing: they denied the Truth of God to go the way of another which
    caused spirits of shame, suffering and death; Where we do the same,
    being in part, in the spirit of Adam and Eve, in denying the truth of the
    way of love and preserving life, to then go the way of death, even in
    sacrificing our children/sons and daughters in war, in the way the world
    teaches us to get Peace, shedding the blood of innocents, humbled in the
    aftermath of innocent blood shed; but that God, the Father, meant that we
    go the way of love for Peace, through the blood of his Son shed for us,
    that ours would be spared. The bible is trying to tell us we can go the way
    of being Children of God, in Truth, in “the way” of Love in faith to do so,
    knowing the truth that we are not animals, going the way of survival of the
    fittest, being as a Pride of lions; where the alfa males mark there
    territory and protect it by showing fear in his roar and mark, even
    attacking huge predators and prey in overcoming fear with Pride; that the
    young males spar and learn to fight one another in practice, in their going
    the way of animals; that they seek to have a Pride of their own; that the
    lioness’s, viciously care for their young, going the way of death in going
    the way of a mother, luring the predator in misdirection while the others
    attack, stealthily sneaking up on its prey that they may feed its young;
    but that the Lord in the kingdom way will be as the lion laying with the
    lamb, in abiding in truth in the way of Love. We are not animals but have
    the spirit which separates us from animals, the spirits of the spirit, the
    spirit of Compassion, and the spirit of Charity to give in effort Mercy,
    that we have the treasures of heaven receiving the spirit of Freedom,
    freedom from bad spirits of anxiety, fear, doubt, or that of Pride, war and
    blood shed; that we have Forgiveness having the spirit to forgive, and
    Peace, even the peace from above, in the world, in going the way in the
    spirit of Truth; that we keep bound the gates of hell within us that evil
    does not rise to do its exploits in shedding innocent blood in error, even
    in war, in our operating in the nature of spirits of animals, but that
    we have the keys of the kingdom in the way of love’s seven spirits
    recognized before the throne, in seeking the Truth of the Love of God, as
    to abide in it. It is in our denying the truth that we go the way of error,
    and into a way that leads to death of mankind. My Prayer’s are with all;
    that they may abide in Love, in Truth! And that the spirits of
    misunderstanding does not consume your love. Amen.

  21. who let a Commercial aircraft into a war zone two planes shot down before
    Air Control needs to go to jail for this

  22. I find it pretty interesting that it was another Malaysian Airliner. I
    think that , sorry to say, I think it was a GPS Electronic hijacking ..and
    somebody flew that jet Via computer over a no fly zone, knowing that only
    Russia has the Technology to shoot it down in that location, and they knew
    that Russia would shoot it down, (Russia would have no idea what type of
    plane it was ). And if this was done, there would have some type of radio
    blocking so nobody would have been alerted… Bet they can’t find the black
    box, or info on it is tampered with. This was done to start a false flag.
    Maybe Malaysian Airliners are easier to hijack electronically compared to
    other jets, maybe that’s why they are the only ones that have been changing
    course and going places they shouldn’t… Yup.. possible false flag..It’s
    almost like somebody’s trying to start a WW$$$ 3

  23. You show system SA-6-Kub on this video, not SA-11- Buk M1 …..And how,
    without investigetion any 1 know specially SA- 11 shoot down that airplane?
    Why that civil airplane fly 200 km south of the standard rute? Why he fly
    over war zone, where all knows this days is big conflict, including the
    effects of combat aircraft and anti-air defense? How officials from Ukraine
    government know that plane was ” shooted down from SA-11″ before he even
    hit ground, that question have Spanish airline operator who lead Malesian
    airplane on his flight? Dont be suprised if you hear all passangers in that
    flight was already dead before he was hit……..No mistakes with SA-11
    ppl, from that missile system cant shoot amateurs, that can a well-trained
    crew, air defense system SA-11 is coupled with a radar that has identified
    all types of aircraft, it is simply impossible to confuse civilian jet
    axis military transport and combat aircraft …RIP all who die in that
    flight , victims of world dirty game politic……

  24. Don’t feed the trolls…they love it. Almost as much as they like their
    father fucking them in the ass. Robbo da thick-cunt yobbo is just upset
    that daddy didn’t cum inside him. Go play on the railway line robbo because
    it’s obvious you’re too dumb to function normally and you’re just taking up
    too much air. See ya x

  25. Its not even confirmed who shot it down and people are like RUSSIA DID IT

  26. you wonder what in the war zone was shot down the plane, I do not. This is
    done on purpose to accuse Russia. Open any newspaper, u will see -Putin
    made it. Only now they closed the sky from planes. Ukrainian authorities
    are idiots? Or they have been waiting for this disaster? Nobody talks about
    it, and this is the main question, I think so.

  27. the point here is that the rebels do not use air transport on this scale
    for their movements … they use trucks, cars, armoured vehicles, tanks etc …
    maybe a putin supplied chopper …

    so my point is that the Ukraine military wouldn’t need to use a BUK
    platform to combat rebel transport movements … also the operators of the
    BUK platform in the Ukraine military would have the skills to determine a
    civilian target from a military one and have lines of contact with civilian
    aviation as a checking option, something the rebels do not … they would
    also realise that the rebels couldn’t have possibly launched an aircraft of
    that size to that altitude within the combat zone on that vector …

    also the Ukrainian transport authority would have had civilian comms
    contact with airliner and cleared the movement through Ukrainian air space

    peace M

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