Mark Charles, who works with the ministry 5 Small Loaves, is a program affiliate with the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship and an expert advisor on indigenous matters.

8 thoughts on “Mark Charles – “Race, Trauma, and the Doctrine of Discovery””

  1. what mark speaks about validates my belief that the nations of Canada, usa, many others, perhaps all…are suffering in many lethal ways…moving toward collapse… because all that has been "gained" in past 3 centuries to build todays countries, democratic or not, was done through the illegal/immoral doctrine of Christian discovery… causing genocide of indigenous peoples and dangerous depletion of natural resources causing pollution of earth and atmosphere.  mark Charles provides an opening to conciliation…that we must participate in for our own good.

  2. I am grateful to be hearing this history now. I grew up knowing something was deeply wrong in Canada, but now I am gaining context and language. This opens doors for me to be part of the good way forward. Thank you so much Mark for your work, for your service to humanity.

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