After portraying James Alefantis as a poor innocent victim of a 4Chan Internet Hoax, Megyn Kelly has left FOX NEWS for a position at NBC NEWS where she will be airing an interview with Alex Jones of INFOWARS who has publicly apologized to Alefantis and promised to never report on PizzaGate ever again!…PIZZAGATE IS 100% REAL.

3 thoughts on “Megyn Kelly VS Alex Jones Promo (2 Pizza Gate-Keepers for the price of 1)”

  1. I unsub'd from Alex years ago, Mark Dice, Another one to watch. I hadn't heard about this interview, Thanks for sharing!

  2. I will be paying close attention to this Interview, it is not usual for MSM to give Alex Jones a platform to reach Millions of Sheeple, and my instinct tells me that AJ and Megyn Kelly will use this tv air time to further portray PizzaGate as being a FAKE NEWS internet Hoax and James Alefantis as being a victim of online bullies…

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