It’s time to take sides.

The London horror and jihad denial

Soldier’s Islamic murderer should have been arrested years ago, but wasn’t

Terrorist proclaimed “an eye for an eye” after attack

Islamic murderer’s former university hosted extremists

Islamic extremists welcomed into UK universities 180 times last year

Man charged for “offensive” tweets

85 year-old woman arrested for shouting outside a mosque. Held in police custody.

Thought criminals arrested after London horror

The East London Mosque poses as moderate while hosting extremists

“Woolwich slaughter: sorry MCB, but this IS a school of Islam”

“Muslims, we must take on this cancer in our midst”

Takek Fatah: “It’s time to fight the doctrine of jihad”

Taxpayers fund terrorism as benefits go to hate preachers

What do British Muslims think of the UK? (2010)

Violence in the Koran

Doctrinal basis for jihad

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30 thoughts on “Muslims Must Reject Jihad”

  1. Too much tolerance??? Yeah of those feeding you propaganda. At least read the Koran. And get a perspective. Sacred books and their authors have nothing to answer for. Religion has always been used by those in power to manipulate a people, precisely because it holds so much value and meaning. But such abuse of sacred things is not absent in a secular society – it's the same appeal to the same core values. And in both cases those values are made to seem threatened, whereby one's primal fears are tapped into and one's sane and rational mind is pushed to one side. The whole of history warns us not to go this way. Why not take note? And turn to the sane voices and learn to think clearly. Racial hatred is seriously primitive. Is this man on Isis' payroll? His actions here are one way of supporting such a cause. You think the leaders of Isis care for one who follows the true Muslim faith? No, they despise him and happy to kill him. Can we not simply be on the side of the innocent?

  2. If the worlds religions were in a classroom Islam would be the slowest and the most disruptive kid in the class.

  3. Jihad is # 1 in every Muslim person so people like you Mr Pat Condell the fuck head would not promote to kill innocent Muslim just to glorify your hiding Jewish religion and promoting for Israel.

  4. you as western kill Muslim much more those torrist groups, did not you see sovite union what they did to afqan people! have not you see the American and the British misdeeds in Iraq millions of Muslims are killed by your government? how about Kosovo? what did you as Christian did to the Muslims there! jihad means struggle in defending your beliefe

  5. nobody understands that muslims aren't terorists terorists think that they are muslims and they have to do it but the islam forbidens killing and/or hurting people and IS is a group of people powered by Israël to kill the guilty.
    they are killing for years but where are the innocent people at they kill people that are innocent

  6. I wish I had never heard of this fucking "religion." Every time I hear "nothing to do with Islam" I want to puke.

  7. your dam right we are ordered to fight you disbelievers and we will do so until the end of humanities stay here on earth. Go look at how many innocents have been tortured and killed in the name western capitalism and freedom. You fight a war you lost from the very beggining kafir.

  8. This guy…He speaks TRUTH!!! It is because Muslims threaten violence over revelation of truth that people are afraid to speak truth,, saying all the violence happening because of Islam has nothing to do with Islam…what bullshit! Let the violence commence! I will fight before I let these savages intimidate me! I would rather die fighting Islam than crawl in subserviance to it!

  9. Muslims could be said to be the biggest victims of Islamic extremism. The majority of people killed by ISIS and similar groups are Muslims they disapprove of.

  10. Finally someone gets it right.  Moderate muslims are totally to blame.  They have aloud these lunatics to take over their religion and have been sitting on the fence for too long.  They must be accountable, they must take a stand.  All that is required for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.  Moderate muslims have been doing nothing.  They must take a stance or face the the blame.  Sharia must be banned in the UK, it is offensive.  If you want Sharia go live in the middle east.  

  11. nah you're alright

    dirty filth like you supports Israel and the zio-crusaders war on Islam now you expect me to listen to you? The arrogance….

  12. Men should be allowed to fight for what they believe in.  The rejection of war is a very Christian ideal.

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